The Fantom Ecosystem

The Fantom Ecosystem

Fantom has rapidly grown since its mainnet launch in December 2019. Fantom is a fast, scalable, and secure Layer-1 platform compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Let’s look at the development and how the network ecosystem looks so far.

Fantom Network Developments

The Fantom Operational Model

dApps, tools, and DeFi on Fantom

Blockchain as a Service for government and institutions

Fantom Network Developments

On-chain governance

In January 2021, we implemented on-chain governance in Fantom’s fWallet.

Fantom is the first layer-1 network to enable all users to make and vote on improvement proposals in a fully decentralized manner.

Lowered validator nodes requirements

In June 2021, the community voted to reduce the required FTM to run a validator node to 1,000,00 FTM.

The requirements to become a validator are less stringent, and we expect to push the network decentralization significantly.

Major Go-Opera network upgrade

In April 2021,we rolled out theGo-Opera upgrade. The major network upgrade reduced Time-to-Finality to one second on average and accelerated P2P synchronization, among several other technical improvements.

Rapid network growth

  • 10,576 smart contracts deployed on the network.
  • 300,000 transactions per day, soaring from around 3,000 on January 1, 2021.
  • 145,000+ unique addresses, versus 5,000 on January 1, 2021.
  • 62% of the total circulating supply of FTM is staked.

Grant program

We awarded grants to nine innovative and successful projects deployed on Fantom.

The Fantom Operational Model

The Fantom Foundation operates two main divisions. These divisions are responsible for building the tools to support decentralized applications (dAPPs) and kickstarting the adoption and usage of the Fantom blockchain-based technology globally.

  • Fantom Opera mainnet: The Fantom public network is open to anyone. Thanks to the high throughput, almost instant and near-zero cost transactions, DeFi has been a significant area of development on the network through strategic partnerships and independent projects building on the network.
  • Fantom-Blockchain as a Service: Fantom is an Ethereum-compatible, layer-1 blockchain that can be used by any corporate or government entity wishing to access the benefits of blockchain for their operations.

dApps, Services, and DeFi on Fantom

40+ projects have deployed their dApps to Fantom. These include innovative application providers and protocols that support Fantom’s pioneering work in DeFi.

Cross-Chain Swaps/Interoperability

Multichain.xyzA cross-chain bridge based on Fusion’s technology that is integrated with Opera and other chains.

Ren develops open protocols providing access to inter-blockchain liquidity for all decentralized applications.
RenVM Supports Fantom

Based on Fusion DCRM technology, AnySwap is a fully decentralized cross-chain swap protocol with an automated pricing and liquidity system. AnySwap runs on Fantom, Fusion, and several other technologies.
Fantom goes cross-chain. AnySwap cross-chain DEX integrates with Fantom

xPollinate is a cross-chain bridge for swapping USDC, USDT,  and DAI between the Fantom, Matic, and Binance Smart Chain networks.

A blockchain-agnostic oracle system that supports communication of blockchains with the outside world, cross-chain communication, and sidechains
Fantom x Waves and Gravity

Clover is a powerful smart contract platform that enables EVM-compatible projects to migrate their contracts onto Polkadot.
Fantom partners with Clover to accelerate the adoption of cross-chain DeFi


SushiSwapOne of the largest automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchanges (DEX). Users can trade in a fully decentralized way using liquidity pools. How to use SushiSwap on Fantom

CREAM is a DeFi ecosystem focused on providing lending and borrowing of digital assets.
How to use C.R.E.A.M. on Fantom

The largest cross-chain AMM. Users can deposit funds into pools, where the funds in the pools are efficiently lent across different protocols.
How to use Curve on Fantom

COVER Protocol provides peer-to-peer insurance coverage with fungible tokens. It allows DeFi users to be protected against smart contract risk and lets the market set coverage prices.

Popsicle Finance
Popsicle Finance is a cross-chain yield enhancement platform focusing on Automated Market-Making (AMM) Liquidity Providers (LP).

SpookySwap is an automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) for the Fantom Opera network.

SpiritSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Fantom Opera network. SpiritSwap's design is based on the Uniswap constant-product automated market maker (AMM).

HyperJump is a cross-chain DEX.

Elk Finance
Elk.Finance is a cross-chain liquidity network, allowing for instantaneous exchange of tokens between chains.

Cross-chain yield aggregator.

Graviton aspires to be a universal wrapped tokens’ liquidity incentivization solution that aims to aggregate multiple cross-chain bridges, and create a reward-based economy around wrapped assets.

Zoo is an ecosystem of decentralized applications.

Mushroom Finance
Mushrooms Finance is a crypto earning vault with a focus on seeking sustainable profits in the DeFi universe.

Beefy Finance
Beefy Finance is a Decentralized, Multi-Chain Yield Optimizer platform that allows its users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings.

Simplified yield aggregator on Fantom.

Liquid Driver
The first liquidity mining dApp on Fantom.

PaintSwap is a decentralized exchange and Automated Market Maker (AMM) on the ever-growing Fantom Opera Network.

Supra is a project for DeFi implementing innovative low, medium, and high-risk investment systems.

An oracle marketplace that will connect third parties and exchange important data autonomously

Swapping and yield farm solution.

A decentralized lending protocol powered by Fantom.


SuperfarmSuperFarm is a comprehensive NFT marketplace. SuperFarm will launch exclusive NFT drops and farms on Fantom, incentivize Fantom-based projects and engage their communities. Fantom partners with SuperFarm to launch NFT drops, farms, and NFTs

NFTGem is a protocol that lets you stake various tokens to mint digital gems, NFTs that get harder to mint over time.

Generatively created art, each based on a completely unique Keccak-256 hash. These hashes are also mined during the Fantum Finding process.

World of Umans
Randomized, hand-drawn NFTs.

Stake tokens to earn NFT loot.


APY VisionAll-in-one liquidity pool analytics and yield farming rewards tracking tool.

DeBank is a dashboard for tracking your DeFi portfolio, with data and analytics for decentralized lending protocols, stablecoins, margin trading platforms and DEXes.

A simple dashboard for managing your DeFi assets and liabilities.
Ability to do multiple transfers in one transaction.

Token Faucet
Ability to mint ERC20 tokens from an interface.

VFat Tools
DeFi dashboard with an updated list of yield farming opportunities.

Allows decentralized teams and DAO’s without top-down management or HR to allocate and reward funds to contributors autonomously.

A user-friendly multi-chain charting and data-analytics tool for cryptocurrencies.

Chainlist is a list of EVM networks that enables users to connect their wallets and Web3 middleware providers to different chains.


Fantom fWalletThe official Fantom wallet supports liquid-staking, on-chain governance, and more. How to use Fantom Wallet

Fantom Safe
Fantom Safe is a multisig wallet aimed at teams and DAOs with joint ownership of crypto funds.
Fantom Safe Multisig Wallet Now Available

MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet (available as a mobile app or browser extension) used to interact with the Ethereum and Fantom blockchains. Learn how to add the Fantom Network to MetaMask.

Ledger Wallet
The most popular hardware wallet supports the Opera network.
How to set up your Ledger Nano S / X with Fantom

Edge Wallet
Edge Wallet is a secure, feature-rich cryptocurrency wallet that enables swaps and trading within the interface. In addition to Fantom, Edge supports 25+ currencies.

MathWallet is a universal crypto wallet with versatile functionality. In addition to FTM, it supports  50+ blockchains and 3000+ tokens on a cross-platform app.
MathWallet adds native FTM support and expands access to Fantom ecosystem

A non-custodial, multi-chain wallet & DeFi gateway.


FTM ScanBlockchain explorer built by the EtherScan team.

Fantom Explorer
A Fantom blockchain explorer that leverages The Graph technology to yield network statistics.


SuterusuSuterusu brings ZCash-level privacy to any blockchain platform or application. Suterusu provides privacy protection for several major blockchains, like Fantom, and dApps. Suterusu Integration: Privacy transactions on Fantom Opera


Orion ProtocolOrion protocol aggregates every CEX, DEX, and swap pool into one decentralized platform. Fantom partners with Orion Protocol

Coti is the world's first platform optimized for creating price-stable coins.
COTI partners with Fantom, taking technology beyond the blockchain

Fusion is an all-inclusive blockchain-based financial platform offering cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-data source services through smart contracts.
Fantom Selects Fusion’s Industry-First Interoperability Solution to Broaden Compatibility and Fast-track Adoption of Fantom DLT

V-ID offers blockchain-based certification and verification services.

Payments is the leading cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking service with 3,000,000 travel products worldwide, including hotels, homes, flights, tours, and activities. Travala accepts FTM and dozens of other cryptocurrencies. Partners with Fantom

With CryptoRefills, you can pay with cryptocurrencies to top up your mobile credit and buy gift cards from some of the world’s largest digital and retail brands.
CryptoRefills adopts Fantom for fast, low-cost payments


The GraphThe Graph (GRT) is a decentralized and open-source indexing protocol for multiple blockchains. Developers can build and publish various APIs called subgraphs that extract hard-to-get blockchain data.The Graph’s indexing and querying is now live on Fantom

Covalent leverages big-data technologies to index blockchains and seamlessly extract data from multiple sources. The integration of the Covalent API unlocks granular detail on the Fantom blockchain.
Covalent Partners with Fantom integrating its indexing solution


ChainlinkThe largest decentralized oracle provider on Ethereum has launched service on Opera as well. Fantom Integrates Chainlink as its Official Oracle Solution and Price Feed Mechanism for the FTM TokenFantom collaborates with Chainlink to natively integrate Chainlink VRF providing developers with on-chain randomness

Band Protocol
Band Protocol is a cross-chain oracle used by decentralized apps to pull data from web-based APIs (application programming interfaces). They have deployed and hosted Oracles for the Fantom network, with 19 price feeds so far and many more to come.
Fantom to Launch Liquid Staking and Synthetic Assets Secured by Band Protocol on Mainnet
Fantom strengthens strategic partnership with Band Protocol by Launching BandChain Node

API3 is a collaborative effort to build, manage and monetize decentralized APIs (dAPIs) at scale.
Announcing the native integration of API3 to Fantom


Keep3rV1Keep3r Network is a decentralized keeper network for projects needing external DevOps and for external teams to find keeper jobs. It is a network for “job matching”. The system connects those looking for jobs to “Keepers”, people who complete the job.


TransakA simple and compliant way for customers to buy and sell crypto assets with a bank transfer.


Coinbase CustodyCoinbase Custody is designed to provide financial controls for institutions and companies seeking to trade digital currencies.


Yonsei UniversityWorld-renowned, private university in South Korea.

Fantom Partners with Yonsei University Programming Languages Team

University of Sydney
The University of Sydney is a top 50 university in the world.
Fantom Partners with University of Sydney for more opportunities in blockchain education

Blockchain as a Service

Fantom has also made significant strides in supporting corporations and governments wishing to leverage Fantom-based blockchain solutions. Fantom now supports multiple sectors and verticals, including authentication, IP rights management, pharmaceutical tracking, energy management systems, digital wallets, and CBDCs.


Ministry of Health In a joint partnership with the Afghan Ministry of Health, Fantom adapted the Fantom Tracker supply chain solution for the pharmaceutical market. Pilot program participants Royal Star Pharmaceuticals (Afghanistan), Bliss GVS Pharma (India), and Nabros Pharma (India) vigorously tested the application, now ready for national rollout. Nationwide rollout of Fantom Product in AfghanistanTracking Medical Products with Fantom

Chamber of Commerce and Investment
In addition to upgrading the Chamber of Commerce software, Fantom will integrate a suite of blockchain-based tools, including modules to verify document authenticity and audit databases.
The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment and Fantom enter into a blockchain and e-audit pilot program

Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS)
Fantom is upgrading the databases and providing complete blockchain-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Resource Management) Solutions to Afghanistan’s fastest growing electricity provider.
DABS and Fantom Enter Into Digital Blockchain and E-Audit Pilot Program

Afghanistan National Standard Authority
Fantom is developing a full database package with blockchain-based tools for database auditing and the validation of national standards certificates.
The Afghanistan National Standard Authority and Fantom enter into a blockchain and issuance pilot program

Afghanistan Railway Authority
Fantom will integrate blockchain-based ERP tools for the ARA.

Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Fantom will digitize archives, create a Central Business Registry (CBR), and implement blockchain-based tools for transparency and efficiency.
The Afghanistan Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Fantom enter into a blockchain and software pilot program


Punjab Prisons Department Fantom will integrate customized, blockchain-based ERP tools for the department. The Pakistan Punjab Prisons Department and Fantom enter into a blockchain and software pilot program

Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA)
Fantom will integrate customized, blockchain-based ERP tools for PEIRA and explore the widespread implementation of Fantom solutions.
Pakistan Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority to use Fantom technology


Ministry of Industry and New Technologies Fantom has signed an agreement with the Ministry to build a scalable e-government infrastructure and to jointly found an R&D hub. Fantom to power e-government infrastructure of Tajikistan


Ministry of Digital TransformationIntelmax, a Dubai-based company, is launching Non-Fungible Token representations of IP on Opera in collaboration with the government of Ukraine. Ukrainian delegation headed by Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed memoranda and contracts for $ 3 billion in the UAE


AG Mentors Group AG Mentors, a strategic consulting group founded by renowned businessman and former Deputy Prime Minister Elyar Ganiev, has partnered with the Fantom Foundation to bring Fantom’s blockchain applications to the Uzbekistan Government IT infrastructure. Fantom bringing blockchain solutions to Uzbekistan