Fantom goes cross-chain. AnySwap cross-chain DEX integrates with Fantom

Fantom goes cross-chain. AnySwap cross-chain DEX integrates with Fantom

AnySwap on Fantom is live today! Anyswap brings decentralized cross-chain trading to Fantom.

On AnySwap, you can trade FTM, wFTM, fUSD, anyETH, anyUSDT, anyYFI, ANY, and FSN.

Want to be a liquidity provider?

AnySwap will give out 3,630 ANY rewards every day to Fantom users who provide liquidity.

AnySwap on Fantom

With AnySwap, you can trade tokens from different chains in a decentralized manner using Fantom’s blazing speed and low costs.

Decentralized interoperability enables Fantom to build financial primitives – such as stablecoins – that work across different chains.

Fantom can also integrate tokens from other chains into its DeFi products, providing additional value to users, using cross-chain bridges that allow blockchains to communicate and exchange value.

While bridging solutions could be centralized, they would be single points of failure in a system built on decentralization, decreasing the overall security: the whole structure is only as strong as its weakest part. Therefore, we are excited to have AnySwap on board to bring their decentralized cross-chain protocol to Fantom.

What is AnySwap?

AnySwap is a cross-chain swap protocol.

The first application built on AnySwap is a cross-chain AMM. With AnySwap, you can exchange tokens or coins between any blockchain supporting the ECDSA or EdDSA cryptographic algorithm, which includes more than 95% of all chains.

There are three main elements to AnySwap:

  • Decentralized Cross-Chain Bridge: You can deposit your coins and exchange your digital assets powered by Fusion’s DCRM protocol. DCRM stores private keys across the network of nodes safely instead of relying on a centralized server.
  • Cross Chain Swaps: Instant liquidity where you can immediately swap one coin into another.
  • Programmed Pricing and Liquidity: AMM with an automated pricing system set by an algorithm, which depends on “liquidity providers’’.

How do I use AnySwap on Fantom?

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Follow this guide to learn how to use the bridge, swap tokens, and add/remove liquidity.