Fantom General Update | October 24 2022

Fantom General Update | October 24 2022

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Your Fantom ecosystem highlights.

Bitfinex lists Fantom ecosystem tokens

Bitfinex users now have access to Fantom ecosystem tokens BOO (Spookyswap), TREEB (Retreeb) and HEC (Hector Network).

β€œWe are delighted to welcome SpookySwap, Hector Network and Retreeb, which all play an important role in the flourishing ecosystem of Fantom. We are confident that the addition of these digital tokens will be of interest to our growing customer base.” β€’ Paolo Ardoino, Β Bitfinex CTO

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Fantom Incentive Program on Gitcoin will be opening in mid-November

Projects will be able to receive funding from the Fantom Foundation based on community voting via quadratic funding.

Upcoming GameFi projects on Fantom

Vertical Blocks EP #5 with Beethoven X

In this episode, the team at Beethoven X discuss innovative DeFi layers, future plans, and operating a next-gen decentralized exchange specializing in weighted liquidity pools.

Vertical Blocks EP #6 featuring PaintSwap and Bubblemaps

In this episode, Chronic and Don discuss the growing NFT utility on Fantom, visualizing NFT collections through data, and whether royalties for artists are needed.

Network Stats

Over 8,000,000 FTM have been burned πŸ”₯

30% of fees paid on the Opera network are burnt forever.

πŸ”¦ Ecosystem spotlight: Tortle Ninja, a meta aggregation tool for DeFi strategies

πŸ’° Fantom VC Spotlight: Hyperchain Capital

πŸ“Ή Fantom x Moralis Q&A

πŸŽ™οΈ Chainstack x Fantom Twitter Space about EVMs and the Fantom Virtual Machine

✍️ Intern notes of Vertical Blocks EP #5 and #6

πŸ«‚ We had a fantastic time meeting many Fantom users, developers and creators at SmartCon