July '24 Newsletter

July '24 Newsletter

Memecoins and Sonic governance proposals. That sums up our last month pretty well.

The inaugural round of Meme Season was thrilling with many twists, and we passed key governance proposals for the upcoming Sonic chain, including airdrops for Opera & Sonic users and continued funding for the chain's long-term success.

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The latest news in Fantom

Airdrops for Opera & Sonic Users
Our 2nd proposal for the upcoming Sonic chain PASSED! Airdrops for Opera and Sonic users are now coming, with up to 190,000,000 $S tokens to be distributed following the launch of the Sonic network.

Sonic Labs Innovator Fund
We're committing up to 200,000,000 FTM to the Sonic Labs Innovator Fund to accelerate partner migration for the Sonic launch! The fund complements our $S airdrop and will attract an influx of dApps to Sonic.

Meme Season Round 1 Finished
The 1st round of Meme Season finished! Over a dozen memecoins and their vibrant communities competed to win up to 1,000,000 sFTMx. We're analyzing the final on-chain data and revealing the winners this week.

Building For the Long Run
Our 3rd proposal for the upcoming Sonic chain PASSED! Funding for ecosystem grants, marketing, partnerships, and innovative programs like Sonic Spark and Sonic University are now on the horizon!

Gas Monetization Bonus
We're distributing 55,000+ FTM to the top 12 dApps on Opera that have generated the most gas as part of the latest Gas Monetization quarterly bonus, rewarding them for driving the most user engagement.

Fantom Wins in Seoul High Court
The Seoul High Court ruled in Fantom Foundation's favor against SikSin’s CEO Byung-Ik Ahn and SikSin, concluding that Andre Cronje led Fantom's development.

Capstone Project at Uni of Sydney
Sam Harcourt teamed up with students at the University of Sydney for their capstone projects, embarking on different projects and turning academic knowledge into real-world blockchain experience on Fantom.

Consensus 2024

At Consensus 2024, CEO Michael Kong discussed our partnership with Google Cloud, the Sonic network and its token, and was joined by Nalin Mittal from Google Cloud for an insightful panel.

Click each image below to watch the relevant part of the keynote and panel.

Google x Fantom Partnership
S Token and Utility
Sonic and L2 Bridge
Nalin Mittal and Michael Kong Panel

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