Bitfinex lists Fantom ecosystem tokens

Bitfinex lists Fantom ecosystem tokens

We are pleased to announce that the state-of-the-art digital token trading platform Bitfinex is listing the Fantom ecosystem tokens Hector Network (HEC), Retreeb (TREEB), and SpookySwap (BOO).

In addition to being able to trade the Fantom ecosystem token FTM, Bitfinex customers now have access to some of the most innovative projects on the Fantom network.

SpookySwap was one of the first native Fantom Automated Market Makers and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) on the network. As the leading protocol in its class, it plays a vital role in the ecosystem. SpookySwap offers just 0.2% swap fees, a diverse array of yield farming opportunities, staking, governance via the BOO token, and much more. The protocol, which recently rolled out v2 of the platform, is also noteworthy for the bridge it offers that connects Fantom to Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, and Arbitrum, among others.

Retreeb offers an innovative, decentralized payments and mobile point-of-sale application that connects crypto to fiat currency through sTreeb, an innovative multi-local and compliance-friendly stablecoin. Retreeb channels one-third of its network fees to support social and environmental projects. The platform token TREEB functions centrally as a governance token that can be staked for additional earnings and used to vote for the causes that Retreeb supports.

Hector Network offers an expansive decentralized ecosystem that revolves around the deflationary utility token HEC and the fully collateralized TOR stablecoin. Hector currently offers a DEX, lending platform, and bridge. The Hector Network team is expanding the project to include a Metaverse platform, NFT offerings, and decentralized gaming. Hector Network cultivates an engaged community and boasts the German football club Borussia Dortmund as a commercial partner.

HEC, TREEB, and BOO will be available soon with trading pairs US Dollar (USD) and Tether tokens (USDt).

“We are delighted to welcome SpookySwap, Hector Network and Retreeb, which all play an important role in the flourishing ecosystem of Fantom. We are confident that the addition of these digital tokens will be of interest to our growing customer base.” ‒ Paolo Ardoino,  Bitfinex CTO

“Bitfinex is a leading digital trading platform, and their decision to list Fantom project tokens is a sign of both the incredible success that builders on Fantom enjoy and the maturity of projects in our ecosystem. SpookySwap, Hector Network, and Retreeb have brought ambition, drive, and incredible community engagement to Fantom. Seeing them succeed validates the work we’re doing to support the developer community and build a platform that helps projects thrive. We look forward to their continued success.” ‒  Michael Kong, Fantom CEO

“Hector Network, Retreeb, and SpookySwap are at the leading edge of the DeFi ecosystem on Fantom. The incredibly creative developers behind these projects set the standard in terms of their products' utility, security, and usability. Their extraordinary accomplishments are reflected in the growing number of users they’ve been able to attract. Listing with Bitfinex promises to open these successful projects to even wider audiences, and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens as newcomers to Fantom discover what’s possible on the network.” ‒ Simone Pomposi,  Fantom CMO

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