May '24 Newsletter

May '24 Newsletter

Our newsletter today is longer than usual as every day for the past month has been like a puzzle coming together; slowly revealing the awesome future of Fantom.

From launching the first validator on Opera with Sonic technology to unveiling a new memecoin competition that offers 10 million FTM in prizes!

Learn about this news and more below.

The latest news in Fantom

Fantom Meme Season
Exciting news from the MemeGlobal conference! Our CEO Michael Kong announced the Fantom Meme Season competition with 10 million FTM in prizes for memecoin holders and teams.

USDC.e on Fantom
We announced the launch of Fantom's canonical stablecoin, USDC.e. As a bridged stablecoin on Wormhole, USDC.e can be upgraded to native USDC by Circle in the future.

First Validator Using Sonic
The first Opera validator using Sonic tech went live. Marking a major milestone, this paves the way for unleashing Sonic's speeds on the Opera mainnet, achieving ~2k TPS at sub-second finality.

Complete Guide to USDC.e
With nearly $7 million bridged, our canonical stablecoin USDC.e is running smoothly. We published a complete guide to teach you how to bridge USDC.e to Fantom and provide liquidity on top DEXs.

85k FTM Gas Monetization Bonus
We announced the latest Gas Monetization quarterly bonus. The top 12 dApps on Fantom that generated the most gas received over 85k FTM. Congratulations to these innovative dApps!

Galxe Memecoin Mania Winners
The 25 winners of our Galxe Memecoin Mania campaign received a share of $3500 in the participating memecoins: Muttski, fTails, GMFTM, fKnuckles, BPEPE, BLACKY, and CHILL.

Fantom Boat Soirée in Paris
Fantom took Paris Blockchain Week by storm, joined by many friends! We threw an unforgettable boat soirée on the River Seine, complete with smooth tunes, elegant canapés, and refreshing drinks.

Vertical Blocks

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