Fantom General Update | November 07 2022

Fantom General Update | November 07 2022

Gitcoin on Fantom

Through our partnership with Gitcoin, Fantom will be the first chain to beta test grants protocol! Teams building on Fantom can present their work to the community and gather financial support. The Fantom Foundation will match public contributions made to projects. The matching will be done via quadratic funding. Our introductory round will allocate 125,000 FTM in matching incentives.

Projects applying for grants are vetted after submission. In this way, the community is assured that any donations are going to legitimate builders. All screening done is for verification only, judgements about which projects deserve funding are up to the public.

Applications open November 14!

👉 Eligibility criteria & further info

Fantom published on the AWS blog

Fantom CTO Quan Nguyen was published on Amazon's AWS blog, outlining our achievements in collaboration with the AWS Cloud team.

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Getting started with Liquid Staking

We prepared a full walk-through guide to show you how to put your idle FTM to work via liquid staking.

Dedaub’s cutting-edge on-chain security tools live on Fantom

Dedaub’s Watchdog and Contract Library can significantly improve the security standards within the Fantom ecosystem. All developers building on Fantom can now utilize these tools.

Contract Library

Free contract-centered blockchain explorer which continuously decompiles and analyzes all deployed contracts for human inspection and offers a platform for exposing vulnerabilities.


Built on top of the Contract Library, Watchdog is an automated, continuous auditing system that analyzes selected smart contracts from the Fantom Network. Any flagged warning is examined by a human auditor and escalated if judged to be valid and high-value. Watchdog can automatically analyze 43 vulnerabilities.

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Vertical Blocks EP #07 with Alex Svanevik from Nansen

In this episode of the Fantom podcast, Alex Svanevik from Nansen joined us to shares his experience in scaling Nansen, finding product market fit before tokenization, and the differences building for the individual & enterprise.

Vertical Blocks EP #08 with Takepile

We sat down with Takepile, a perpetual DEX with zero funding rates, to discuss exchange mechanics, the shift toward self-sustaining revenue models, and challenges ahead.

Fantom at Token2049 London

Michael Kong will represent Fantom at TOKEN2049 (Nov 9-10), Europe's premier crypto event for founders & executives of leading Web3 companies!

Ramp Network brings fiat onramp to Fantom

Ramp serves 160+ countries with efficient fiat-to-crypto services, now including FTM! Easily buy FTM with the world’s major payment methods, including debit and credit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.

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FlokiFi Locker launches on Fantom

FlokiFi Locker allows projects to securely lock liquidity pool (LP) tokens, NFTs, and ERC-1155 tokens for more peace of mind.

Welcome Double Protocol to Fantom

DoubleProtocol is a decentralized, open-source utility NFT rental protocol & marketplace capable of serving a variety of Metaverse and GameFi assets.

Network Stats

There are a total of 5,409 NFT (ERC-721) token contracts live on Fantom.

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🔦  Ecosystem spotlight: Kanpeki Finance

📹  Fantom x Moralis town hall meeting and workshop for builders

✍️ Notes on Vertical Blocks EP #07

📚 Intern notes on Vertical Blocks EP #08

🎙️ Understanding EVM with Fantom, Gnosis, Callisto & Kucoin