Fantom General Update | January 17 2022

Fantom General Update | January 17 2022

Starting off the first general update of the year with a bang!

Looking back at 2021

Whether you missed some of the most important events last year or want to relive them, read our recap of 2021.

Some highlights:

  • Network growth: Daily transactions increased by 18,650 to 850k daily tx now. Unique addresses grew from 5,000 to 1,600,000.
  • TVL grew to $7 billion
  • On-chain governance went live in January and FTMScan got released, offering a familiar experience to users and developers
  • Ethereum dApps such as Curve made their way to Fantom. Plus, a number of high-quality native Fantom projects launched and grew rapidly throughout all sectors, from DEXs to lending, vaults and more.
  • The Fantom Foundation and Quantum Fintech Group partnered with F1™ driver Pierre Gasly.
  • Fantom launched a 370M FTM incentive program to support DeFi protocols and Blockchain gaming/NFT protocols on the Fantom network.

Also, big shoutout to Coin98 for their Fantom 2021 Year in Review.

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Mainnet FTM supported by Binance US

Big news for our US community! You can now buy, deposit and withdraw mainnet FTM on Binance US.

Andre’s and Daniele’s new project launching on Fantom soon

Andre and Daniele are working on a new AMM aimed at protocols, with improved ve tokenomics, named ve(3,3). Tokens will be airdropped to Fantom projects based on TVL.


  • Features different AMM curves for stable swaps and swaps between uncorrelated assets
  • Permissionless support for Gauges & Bribes
  • Lockers will earn 100% of all fees generated, on pools they vote for
  • Lockers won’t get diluted by LP rewards
  • The more tokens get locked, the lower emissions
  • Locked tokens are represented by NFTs

More info here


Fee distribution

Fee design


Multichain adds cross-chain swaps for Fantom

You can now swap asset A on chain 1 to asset B on chain 2 using Multichain. For example, swap USDC on BSC to FTM on Fantom. Easier, cheaper!

Movr adds Fantom support to its metabridge

With FundMovr, you can swap assets cross-chain seamlessly. FundMovr aggregates all bridges, DEXs, and DEX aggregators to simplify your bridging experience.

👉 Read the announcement

Binance supports FTM as collateral for loans

Binance Loans allows you to borrow money against your FTM holdings.

Arab Bank Switzerland adds FTM custody and brokerage

With custody and brokerage services, institutional clients have it easier to get exposure to FTM.

Network Stats

In the last few weeks we have seen an explosion of TVL. With $7 billion, Fantom is the 6th biggest network by TVL.

This brought a lot of new attention to the Fantom ecosystem. FTM took Rank 1 on LunarCrush on January 12. CoinDesk reported about yield farming on Fantom. Ecosystem projects also received interest, with Yahoo publishing a news article about FantomStarter.

📺 Michael sat down with “Show me the Crypto” to talk about the history and future of Fantom.

📰 The first two ecosystem spotlights of the year showcase Retreeb, an ethical payment solution built on Fantom, and QiDao, a stablecoin protocol.

📣 We are hiring! If you have social media management experience, are a crypto-native and love Fantom, this is the perfect role for you.