Fantom General Update | December 19 2022

Fantom General Update | December 19 2022

What better way to close off the year than with the highlights of the last two weeks.

Gitcoin voting is now open until January 2, 2023

Donate to your favorite Fantom projects & help them get a share of matched funds from the Fantom Foundation’s grants program.

Understand how the voting system works in 1:30 minutes.

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Dune Analytics integrates Fantom

Dune is a community-driven analytics platform that makes accessing crypto data easy and free. Data wizards🧙‍♂️ can now use Dune to build analytics dashboards for the Fantom ecosystem.

For example, a community member built a dashboard for the Fantom Gitcoin Grants Round 1.

Crypto tax solution Blockpit adds Fantom support

Blockpit makes filing crypto taxes easy. Sync your wallet transactions and pull relevant data from staking, LPing + other on-chain activities.

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Life Wallet integrates Fantom

DeFi wallet Life has integrated the Fantom network.

Network Stats

Check out the quarterly Fantom report by Nansen.

🔦 Ecosystem spotlights: Comb Financial & Cask Protocol

🗒️ Introduction to the Fantom Virtual Machine

🗺️ All Projects participating in Gitcoin Grants Round 1

🎧 Future of the Fantom Ecosystem - Twitter Space with the Fantom Foundation and Fantom Insider