Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight - Comb

Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight - Comb

1. What is Comb?

The COMB Protocol is a team and community dedicated towards building decentralized financial (DeFi) applications with innovative and trustworthy technology.

COMB currently hosts a number of different applications which include liquidity farms, revenue share, fNFTs, an NFT marketplace, and a hub for yield bearing assets.

2. How do you introduce Comb to a novice, or someone who knows relatively little about DeFi?

We recognize that first time DeFi users coming to the comb ecosystem can be very daunting, that is why we have developed Utopia.

Utopia is a great step for first time users getting into DeFi. For those entering DeFi for the first time, they can quickly be confused by the jargon of liquidity, collateralized lending, or bonding. With Utopia, we aim to solve this issue by abstracting those concepts and reducing the action of any complex investment into a few steps. With this, we are able to simplify the process of building liquidity, approving, or depositing liquidity, into a simple swap.

For those looking to learn more, COMB’s Learn program has also developed a number of different articles to help people learn about DeFi.

3. Can you give us a quick rundown of what Comb offers?

We started as a node protocol with our first offerings being hives which were offered at three different levels.

As the protocol progressed we moved into more deflationary offerings. zComb, vaults, pools, podz (FTM, ETH, BTC and AVAX), capsules (fNFTs) and now our latest release, Utopia. Most offerings can still be bought on our dApp or are available on our marketplace.

We have continued to expand our services with our latest product “Utopia”, a platform designed to simplify the barrier of entry for anybody to enter DeFi and take part in yield bearing strategies by simply holding a single token.

4. What is zComb?

zCOMB is a token that can be acquired by locking up COMB for a variable period of time.

By owning zCOMB you earn service fees across all of COMB’s different services we build out. Fees are paid out in a number of different blue chip tokens on the Fantom network.

5. How did Comb evolve?

COMB began as a “node” protocol by rewarding investors who bought personalized endpoints with the COMB token.

After some time, we pivoted away from that model to enter a revenue share model. With this revenue share model, COMB’s mission has shifted into building financial applications to solve one of Web3’s current problems: the user experience.

6. What is your background?

We are a team of researchers, developers, and marketers based all around the world.

The founder, Moon, is a full stack developer with a strong background in frontend UI/UX and design with experience in blockchain development. We have experiences in successful business development, strong conceptual understanding of everything DeFi, and developing intuitive applications.

We are a team of passionate individuals looking to make the COMB Protocol great.

7. Why did you decide to deploy on Fantom?

Towards the beginning of the project, finding the right network had to be one of the more difficult challenges we faced.

We had considered Avalanche, Polygon, or Binance Chain, but after considering our options, we decided that Fantom was the one.

Due to Fantom’s great technology and captivating DeFi ecosystem, Fantom was the most attractive of all the other options. To this day, we stick to that decision.

The Fantom team has proved to be all the more resilient to the bear market, and we see them continually developing to make this network amazing.

8. How did you learn about Fantom?

We learned about Fantom through its many farming opportunities during the bull market.

To us, we found Fantom to be the #1 home for farming. We also checked out Fantom due to its theme. We thought it was interesting that the entire ecosystem of projects had a “spooky” theme that we really enjoyed.

9. What has your experience been like working on/with Fantom?

Working on Fantom opened up many opportunities to collaborate with many amazing projects, two being BeethovenX or SpiritSwap.

Every community we’ve interacted with has been inviting and the people running each project have all been amazing to work with. It is a blessing to be a part of such an amazing community of projects and professionals looking to make a difference in Web3.

9. How has Comb been received in the Fantom community?

COMB has yet to be fully received by the Fantom community.

However, with our recent developments of our latest project Utopia, we hope to make a stronger mark with our significant developments and research on better UI/UX for Web3 applications.

With our newest applications, we hope to onboard even more of the Fantom community into our minimalistic platform.

10. What’s coming up for Comb? Free alpha!

We are in the midst of developing a yield optimization platform named Utopia.

We take a spin on the typical yield optimization platform and have integrated risk management, portfolio tracking, and a whole new interactive experience when investing into any strategy.

Furthermore, we have technological improvements integrating aggregated liquidity and cross-chain support (soon to come).

11. Where is DeFi headed?

To the team, DeFi will likely set a foundation for how people will interact with finances in the future.

The obvious application of Web3 is to build financial applications due to its censorship resistance, ease of use, and history. We would like to contribute to the growth of DeFi into our modern day financial systems.

12. Is there anything that you would like to add that we haven’t asked?

Enter Utopia.

Our latest addition of Utopia is probably our most exciting development to date. We created the platform with the everyday user in-mind.

Previously entering into DeFi liquidity pools has been a complicated process of 10 or more steps. With Utopia we simplify this to only 3 steps, with the motto “One token in, One token out”. We have simplified the processes of taking part in complicated yield strategies down. Now users, no matter their experience level, can earn stable yields by simply buying a Utopia token and watching it consistently increase in value.

Furthermore, with each swap in any part of the protocol, we utilize the concept of aggregated liquidity, allowing us to be MEV resistant.

With this, we are able to preserve a few cents to a few dollars, but over time, this will accumulate to possibly hundreds to thousands of dollars over time.