Blockpit Integrates Fantom

Blockpit Integrates Fantom

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When it comes to filing tax returns, keeping track of their portfolio is a challenge for many Fantom users. We are excited to announce Blockpit’s Fantom integration, which aims to streamline and simplify crypto tax returns. At its core, Blockpit’s mission is to provide everyone with a simple tool to do their taxes and have the utmost confidence that they are doing it right.

Blockpit, one of the leading providers for crypto tax solutions, now enables Fantom users to effortlessly sync all of their Fantom transactions by simply entering their wallet address. Blockpit’s crypto tax application supports liquidity mining, staking, NFTs, and other on-chain activities.

Don’t remember where you’ve swapped your tokens? Blockpit automatically recognizes and imports all activities across several decentralized exchanges on Fantom. Some examples are SpiritSwap, SpookySwap, ProtoFi, Dark Knight, Redemption, TombSwap V2 and Paraswap, to name a few. In addition, Blockpit’s portfolio tracking feature enables users to view all their assets, exchanges, and wallets in one place.

With just a few clicks, users can create a comprehensive tax report that includes capital gains, income, holdings and other statements. Additionally, users in the US, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Spain can generate country-specific tax reports based on the legal requirements of their country, and even pre-filled tax forms. Here are some examples of the tax reports you can generate using Blockpit.

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About Blockpit

Blockpit started in 2017 in Austria and Germany. Since then, they have been working daily on their mission to provide everyone with a simple solution for reporting crypto taxes at the highest level of legal compliance.

Blockpit forms the interface between traders, tax consultancies and institutions such as banks and tax offices. They are a neutral software provider and offer optimized reports for the taxation of cryptocurrencies.