Fantom General Update | September 26 2022

Fantom General Update | September 26 2022

Your overview of the last 2 weeks.

PebbleDB ready for pre-release

Recent performance studies & testing of the research team suggest that PebbleDB database-driven nodes handle I/O reads with far greater throughput efficiency than LevelDB. The bandwidth usage could be reduced by ~90%. That’s a big upgrade for API server nodes.

Therefore, PebbleDB has been flagged for pre-release.

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Vertical Blocks Episode #4 with DeFiLlama

In this episode, 0xngmi discusses operating in an entirely anon team, the ethos of open source development, and building the useful crypto tools people need.

Nansen releases Fantom Quarterly Report Q2 2022

Blockchain data analytics company Nansen released their Q2 report on the Fantom ecosystem, focusing on on-chain highlights and activities.

Assure DeFi brings credibility to DeFi

Assure DeFi verifies projects building on Fantom to provide credibility and trust for users. Teams that verify until September 30th save 40%.

Custodian Bridge ChainPort integrates Fantom native tokens

ChainPort is a next-gen cross chain bridge that provides custodian-level security, provided by FireBlocks MPC and Gnosis Safe multi-sig, with full interoperability. While Fantom has already been available as a destination chain, the newest update enables you to bridge Fantom native tokens.

Prime Protocol adds Fantom support

Prime Protocol, currently on testnet, will allow for cross-chain borrowing to unlock the full potential of your DeFi positions in one place.

Bridge and DEX aggregator Swidge launches on Fantom

Swidge’s Beta allows you to perform one click any-to-any swaps.

SimpleSwap adds FTM

Non-custodial crypto exchange SimpleSwap now supports FTM swaps without sign-up.

Unbound Finance is live on Fantom

Unbound Finance, a yield optimization protocol providing interest-free borrowing, has launched on Fantom.

Revest Finance deploys ‘Resonate’ on Fantom

With Resonate you can trade future yield. Find out how it works here.

Network Stats

📈 3.5M unique wallet addresses reached

📊 820k daily transactions, Q3 average

⛽ Gas consumed:  146B daily avg. Q3 (+9%)

🪙 Cost per txn: ~$0.0001

🔦 Fantom ecosystem spotlight: Minimax

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