Fantom General Update | September 12 2022

Fantom General Update | September 12 2022

This happened in the Fantom ecosystem in the last two weeks.

Fantom Research: Narrow Gateway Hurdles

As part of our ongoing research series, this update goes into depth around experimentation using PebbleDB as an alternative for LevelDB.

In production, we observed a significant reduction in I/O bandwidth usage by ~90%. RPC APIs benefit from this by being able to process more requests.

👉 PebbleDB vs LevelDB

Fantom Research: Faster with Off-the-Chain Testing

Our research and engineering teams have been hard at work, releasing a new off-The-chain testing framework, which led to a reduction of block processing of the Fantom blockchain from 2-3 weeks to under 3 hours.

👉 Here’s how it works

Episode #3 of the official Fantom Podcast “Vertical Blocks” is out now

Guest Aric Chang from Wave Financial shares his perspective on the multi-chain world, network effects inside crypto, and venture capital investing in the digital asset space.

Fantom Conference Road Trip

Fantom CEO Michael Kong will present at Chainlink’s SmartCon (September 28 - 29) as well as Staking Rewards’ Staking Summit (November 8).

Fantom Domains achieves milestone update

With the new update, Fantom Domains are now compatible with NFT marketplaces. Reserved domain names have been minted and sent out to the owners.

Auction schedule for domain names:

  • Tuesday September 13th: 6 characters
  • Friday September 16th: 5 characters
  • Tuesday September 20th: 4 characters
  • Friday September 23rd: 3 characters

Network Stats

4 new validators joined the Fantom network in August, bringing the total number to 75 active validator nodes.

🔦 We added two new releases to our ecosystem spotlight series - Onering and Swim

💡 FantomIntern with a thread on Fantom’s Lachesis Consensus Protocol

🎧 Head of Marketing Juan joined the Penguin Karts’ Twitter Space for an AMA

🎙️ Juan also explored Omni’s new web3 wallet on a Twitter Space with the team

📺 Fantom video ad on Bloomberg, Newsmax and Fox Business