Fantom General Update | October 10 2022

Fantom General Update | October 10 2022

Key insights of the last two weeks from the Fantom ecosystem.

‘Defining DeFi’ hackathon with $150k in prizes

The Moralis x Google Cloud DeFi hackathon registration kicked off on October 3rd. Build the definitive DeFi dApp you've been dreaming of on Fantom, with $25,000 up for grabs!

👉 Register until October 14th

Unstoppable Domains has integrated Fantom

You can now reserve a domain name to use as your own universal web3 address.

💲 Simpler crypto payments

🖱️ Web3 single sign-on

⚡ Lifetime ownership

👉 Get started

Governance proposal implemented: Staking rewards

The governance proposal to lower validator and staking rewards has successfully passed on October 5th, with 86% participation rate. FTM holders decided to reduce inflation to 6% per year with 68.6% of all votes. With this new system, token rewards will last ~4.7 years, 2.7 years longer than before.

The proposal was implemented on-chain on October 6th.

Building cross-chain dApps with Etherspot

Etherspot is an SDK bringing a non-custodial, smart wallet framework to Fantom.

Developers gain an advantage with:

  • Transaction batching w/o switching RPCs
  • P2P payment channels
  • Smart contract based accounts
  • Multichain liquidity

👉 How to build cross-chain dApps?

Network Stats

✅ Next milestone reached: 3.5 million unique addresses

🔦 Ecosystem spotlight: Takepile, a perpetual DEX on Fantom

📹 Fantom CEO Michael Kong was interviewed by Decrypt during Chainlink SmartCon 2022

🎧 Fantom CMO Simone Pomposi joined CoinStats for a primer on DeFi.

🎙️ Joint AMA with Fantom Foundation x Resonate x SpiritSwap

📖 What Gitcoin means for Fantom’s incentive program