Fantom General Update | November 08 2021

Fantom General Update | November 08 2021

Your bi-weekly dose of Fantom news.

Binance cloud powered CEX for Fantom

At FantomDC, Harry Yeh announced a Binance cloud powered exchange for Fantom tokens. The CEX will provide users with a familiar trading experience and improve the liquidity of Fantom tokens.

0x is live on Fantom

The 0x API aggregates liquidity across sources and enables developers to easily tap into DEX liquidity. For the user, this means better prices and reliable decentralized trading.

You can already test it out: 0x powered DEX Aggregator Metric Exchange launched on Fantom.

Zapper expands Fantom support

You can now use Zapper to exchange tokens on Fantom! Additionally, you can track your assets across protocols, now including Grim Finance, Liquid Driver, Qi Dao, and Tomb Finance.

Idexo brings NFT API to Fantom

Idexo allows developers to carry out complex smart contract based transactions with one line of code. This makes it easier for them  to launch blockchain-based products.

For example

  • Deploy and manage different types of NFT minting contracts/collections.
  • Deploy and manage a suite of contracts related to projects such as ERC20 tokens, vesting contracts, staking contracts, and more.
  • Integrate NFTs and NFT marketplace features in applications, games, and websites.

👉 Read the announcement

CryptoRefills adds Fantom support

You can now buy gift cards for some of the world’s largest brands or top up your mobile credit using Fantom’s cheap transactions. Use Fantom-based USDC, USDT, and MIM to buy an Amazon gift card, video games and more.

👉 How CryptoRefill works

Olympus Pro coming to Fantom

Olympus Pro has expanded to the Fantom ecosystem, joining forces with SpiritSwap, LiquidDriver, Scream, and SpookySwap. With Olympus Pro, protocols can own their liquidity through a bonding service instead of renting it via traditional liquidity mining.

Getting started with Nansen on Fantom

Blockchain analytics tool Nansen recently added support for Fantom, allowing you to track on-chain money flows, find emerging trends, identify popular smart contracts, and discover up-and-coming NFTs.

In this guide, you will learn how to effectively use Nansen to have an edge in the crypto markets.

Plus, FTMAlerts sat down with Alex from Nansen to give a first look at the toolkit.

FTM available on Voyager

Fantom is available for trading on Voyager.

Network Stats

Fantom surpasses 1,000,000 unique wallets.

📰 We released two new articles in our Fantom ecosystem spotlight series. Check out the interviews with Geist Finance and Beethoven X.

🎨 The highest NFT sale on Fantom has taken place on Artion. Ancestral Uman Leader “Shamanka the Healer” sold to KingsFantom for 150,000 $FTM.