Fantom General Update | May 23 2022

Fantom General Update | May 23 2022

Get up-to-date with everything that happened in the Fantom ecosystem in the last two weeks 👇

Snapsync is live

The next major upgrade of the Fantom network has been rolled out!

Snapsync allows new nodes to join the network faster. On testnet, the syncing time could be reduced from 24 hours to 7 hours.


  • Better network reliability
  • Improved  scalability
  • Decentralization

👉 For more details, check out our article

The road ahead for fUSD and sFTM

fUSD is Fantom’s native, over-collateralized stablecoin which in the past could be minted only against staked FTM (sFTM). The Foundation is proposing changes regarding new collateral assets, loan-to-value ratios, liquidations, and how to repay the outstanding debt. The goal is to make fUSD a thriving, Fantom-native stablecoin that allows Fantom stakers and token holders of Fantom projects (e.g. BOO, SPIRIT, BEETS, LQDR) to borrow stables in a capital efficient and safe manner.

The team is currently waiting for the audit results and is putting on the finishing touches before deployment.

👉 Read about FIP-001 for fUSD

Fantom: Key Differentiators

To put the coming improvements of Fantom in context, read this overview of what our strengths are that we are building on.

👉 Fantom: Key Differentiators

Unmarshal integrates Fantom

Blockchain data indexing protocol Unmarshal has integrated Fantom. Unmarshal provides you with

  • Multichain data on token assets, transactions, and token holders
  • Historical data on token price and holders
  • PnL data by address
  • Data visualization dashboards
  • Real-time notifications

👉Read more

Gitcoin comes to Fantom

Fantom’s new incentive program will be driven by our community via quadratic funding. To make the process easier for everyone, Gitcoin will deploy on Fantom.

Timeline to be announced. Stay tuned!

How to analyze data with Blockpour

Blockpour brings data analytics tools to Fantom which help you become a better trader and investor. Learn the basics with our quick start guide.

XP Network brings NFT bridging to Fantom

You can bridge your NFTs from other Layer 1 blockchains to Fantom with XP Network.

Apex Node integrates Fantom

Node-as-a-Service provider Apex is building the first fully insured bridge from Avalanche to Fantom, slated for launch in July 2022.

How to get started playing Warp Game

Fantom GameFi project Warp Game released an intro tutorial on its mechanics. Warp Game brings DeFi, NFTs, and Blockchain-based multiplayer battle games in one epic sci-fi multiverse. Fight other NFT starships in a battle arena!

Network Stats

Fantom usage by the numbers

  • Unique addresses active in the last 7 days: 129,000
  • Total unique addresses: 3,000,000+
  • Daily transactions: ~750,000

Sources: Nansen, FTMScan

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