Fantom General Update | March 28 2022

Fantom General Update | March 28 2022

Your blazing-fast update for the last two weeks.

Fantom names new Chief Research Officer

The Fantom Foundation is happy to welcome Professor Bernhard Scholz to the Fantom Foundation team as Chief Research Officer. Prof. Scholz has extensively studied smart-contract execution, security and performance and is widely recognized as an expert in his field. He will focus on implementing his research in production in a full-time capacity.

"I’m really excited to be joining Fantom in a full-time role. My primary goal is to implement these solutions in the real world to significantly improve the Fantom network, with the aim of achieving much faster, cheaper, and more secure transactions.” - Prof. Scholz

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Upcoming Fantom protocol upgrades

Three main upgrades will be rolled out in the near-term to further improve the network

  • Snapsync (live): Allows nodes to download blocks from the network quickly by only requesting data needed to order future transactions. This speeds up consensus and together with auto-pruning reduces data size, therefore making running a node more affordable.
  • Implementation of PebbleDB and RAID on RPC nodes: Reducing memory consumption by over 90%, RPC efficiency increases by several magnitudes.
  • Implementation of Flat Storage for faster execution of smart contracts

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Fantom sponsors F1 and F2 drivers Pietro and Enzo Fittipaldi

As part of the sponsorship, the Fantom logo will be featured on Pietro’s European Le Mans and 24hrs of LeMans suit and helmet, and Enzo’s Formula 2™ suit and helmet through the 2022 racing season. Off the track, the brothers will additionally work with Fantom to introduce their numerous fans to Fantom GameFi and the fantastic opportunities it offers.

To celebrate the partnership, the brothers dropped an epic NFT collection including 1/1 NFT redeemable for a VIP experience at a Grand Prix weekend, karting session with the Fittipaldi brothers, signed original helmets, signed original steering wheel & more. All profits from the drop are going to UNICEF in aid of Ukrainian refugees.

Aave v3 is live on Fantom

Leading money market Aave, with $20B TVL, deployed its newest V3 on Fantom.

What’s new?

  • Portals: Facilitates cross-chain transactions
  • High efficiency mode: Unlocks higher borrowing power
  • Isolation Mode: Allows for new assets to be listed while protecting the protocol
  • Risk Management: Provides additional protection through various risk caps & other tools
  • … & more!

Alpha Homora V2 brings leveraged yield farming to Fantom

Homora V2, the largest multi-chain lending and leveraged yield farming protocol, is now available on Fantom! Initially deployed on Ethereum in October 2020, Homora is the first flagship product incubated by Alpha Finance Lab. Homora V2 has since achieved close to $1 billion TVL across different chains.

Also check out our Twitter Space with Fantom CEO Michael and Alpha Finance Co-Founder Tascha.

What Homora V2 is bringing to Fantom

Fantom Domains launch dates announced

Fantom Domains, similarly to ENS on Ethereum, allow Fantom users to own a username for their wallet addresses and web3 dApps. This makes sending transactions easier - instead of a long string of alphanumeric digits, users can rely on names that are easy to read and memorize.

The launch will take place in 3 phases, as described here.

Tankwars launches PVE Play-to-Earn game

Play-to-earn game Tankwars is live on Fantom and now allows players to claim TGOLD, their in-game currency.

Network Stats

The Fantom network now counts more than 2.5m unique addresses.

✨ We are happy to showcase two great Fantom ecosystem projects - NFTKEY and Matrix.

🤝 Meet TheCryptoFarmer and JMoney in our newest community spotlights.

🎧 Following the announcement of our strategic partnership with Poloniex, Head of US Operations John Morris held a panel discussion with Poloniex, LiquidDriver and SpiritSwap.