Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight – NFTKEY

Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight – NFTKEY

Even as crypto markets pause, analysts continue to predict consistent growth across NFT markets. Constant innovation and a growing number of NFT use cases importantly shape this optimism.

But visit NFTKEY and something else also becomes clear: the creator economy is thriving and quite simply, the NFT space is full of breathtakingly beautiful artwork.

Of course, NFTKEY itself has something to do with this. As a multichain marketplace, NFTKEY is playing a vital role in helping artists and teams connect with audiences. Keep reading to learn more about this easy-to-use, incredibly streamlined platform.

1. What is NFTKEY?

NFTKEY ‒ pronounced N-F-TIKI ‒ is a secondary marketplace for people to collect and trade NFTs on a P2P basis via NFTKEY smart contracts.

NFTKEY provides galleries for people to explore NFT collections that are gateways into communities you can join and participate in by collecting their NFTs.

2. How did you get into NFTs?

Our team members got involved in NFTs a few years ago when CryptoKitties became popular.

As technology enthusiasts interested in design, art, and culture, the concept of digital ownership, which is a core feature of blockchain, drew us into the space.

3. How do you introduce NFTKEY to a novice or someone who knows relatively little about either DeFi or NFTs?

NFTKEY is a platform that allows you to explore and trade NFTS across a wide range of collections created by different artists and teams on different blockchains.

By connecting your wallet, finding an NFT that you are interested in, and purchasing it, you become the sole owner of exclusive digital art and a member of a wider community of people interested in the same collection as you.

4. How did you come up with NFTKEY? What was your inspiration for this multichain platform?

NFTKEY began as an experiment to see how far we could go building an easy-to-use and enjoyable platform for trading and exploring NFTs.

As NFTKEY took shape, we became more and more excited about how much we could do to support communities evolving around a shared sense of aesthetics and common interests in NFT collections. It was energizing to see people connect and begin to talk about digital art.

As our work progressed, we focused on on-chain transactions and supporting low-fee ecosystems. The fact that we maximize use of decentralized technologies differentiates us from some of the other hybrid and centralized-server-based marketplaces.

Our mission is to support the diverse range of cultures we’ve experienced across different chains and bring value to NFT collecting through an easy-to-use, accessible platform.

5. What are your backgrounds?

We are designers, engineers, and artists who love building, creating things, and collaborating.

Collectively, we have many years of experience working in tech corporations, but we’ve never liked the culture and bureaucracy associated with them.

We believe that skilled, dedicated people should be allowed to work autonomously and find enjoyment in their work ‒ that’s how we efficiently build good products.

6. How did you learn about Fantom?

As an EVM chain, Fantom was always on our radar, but we decided to continue our experiment with NFTKEY on BSC and Ethereum before we felt like supporting the quiet achiever, Fantom.

Once we integrated Fantom, we were thrilled to discover how many fantastic artists are keen to take advantage of Fantom’s low gas fees to release their NFT collections.

7. Why did you decide to integrate Fantom?

Fantom has a vibrant NFT culture with many great artists.

Through a willingness to support each other and devotion to their work, they help foster amazing collector communities.

Also, more collections have been available on the Fantom ecosystem than on most other EVM blockchains.

8. How was your experience working with Fantom?

Fantom has an incredible NFT community brimming with talent.

The support of the community definitely keeps us going!

09. How did the Fantom community receive NFTKEY?

Entering any blockchain community takes time, and the best way to gain acceptance is to simply build and show value to users.

We were lucky enough to have a few Fantom OGs on our side from the beginning, which went a long way in helping us build trust in the community.

We love the Fantom community! We have built strong connections with many artists and teams who constantly surprise us with their energy and overall dedication to nurturing the culture of the NFT space.

10. What’s coming up for NFTKEY? Free alpha!

We like to build, so we’ll continue working in theNFT and Metaverse spaces.

We’re here to help develop an experiential interface that is alive as the blockchains it resides on.

11. What are you looking forward to in the Fantom NFT space?

We’re excited to see more highly talented artists migrate over from other chains to release collections on Fantom.

In the broader scheme of things, we’re looking forward to working in Metaverse spaces where there is experimentation around enabling communities to interact via multi-dimensional interfaces and game mechanics.

12. Thinking broadly about NFTs, where do you see them going as an asset class?

The utility of NFTs is limitless. As a blockchain primitive representing digital ownership, the NFT asset class will be the cornerstone of Metaverse economies.

But alongside growth in VR/AR, we think that people will increasingly collect artwork. NFTs tap into a deep cultural desire to own art. Of course, virtually any NFT can become part of the Metaverse, but we expect to see the art market's growth accelerate.

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