Fantom General Update | March 1, 2022

Fantom General Update | March 1, 2022

The shortest month of the year is coming to an end, but it still was packed with Fantom news.

Solidly rewards go live

On February 24, Solidly started emissions of its SOLID token to liquidity providers. veNFT holders vote on where to direct emissions.

In the first 24 hours, Solidly already amassed more than $1.6b in TVL.

Blocknative adds Fantom support

Blocknative tools offer unprecedented granular-level visibility into mempools. This for example allows users to identify when they are being front-run or priced out by high gas fees. Developers can use the Blocknative platform to monitor network operations and gauge smart contract operation.

πŸ‘‰ How Blocknative brings transaction transparency to Fantom

Portfolio manager CoinStats integrates Fantom

CoinStats’ web and mobile apps offer users a single dashboard that aggregates user account holdings from major blockchain wallets and exchanges, such as Coinbase, MetaMask, Binance, and dozens more. With a single click, crypto investors can access a wealth of information, including portfolio visualizations, profit/loss statements, order histories, and open order status.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about the CoinStats portfolio manager

Ankr brings liquid staking to Fantom

With Ankr Earn, you can now secure the Fantom network while receiving a liquid receipt token which you can put to use in DeFi.

1️ Stake FTM via Ankr

2️ Receive aFTMb tokens, a reward-earning ERC-20 token that receives staking rewards daily

3️ Use aFTMb tokens on partner protocols to earn additional yield

Fantom Foundation becomes principal sponsor of UNCB

Moving forward, solidity workshops hosted by UNCB (Australia's University Network for Cryptocurrency & Blockchain) will be taught on the Fantom Testnet, encouraging potential developers to utilize Fantom for their projects. Fantom will further sponsor a metaverse/gaming hackathon as well as other educational lectures and panels featuring industry talents.

FTM is now available on Okcoin

Okcoin has integrated native FTM for trading, depositing and withdrawing.

Free P2E game Station Zero-X launches phase 1

Station Zero-X, an spaceship-themed auto-chess type game, now distributes play-to-earn rewards after each match to players on Fantom. Multiple in-game tokens are already live and more features such as refined material and spaceship crafting are coming to further expand the game economy.

Raini live on Fantom

DeFi and Gaming universe Raini lands on Fantom. Bridging, staking and LP staking on SpookySwap are now live.

Stumble Upon Rumble announces Fantom-based project partners

Community members of each protocol receive special cosmetics to represent their favorite community in a battle with other players. Stumble Upon Rumble is a play-and-earn 8-bit fighting game launching on Fantom.

Hector Finance now runs a Fantom Validator

You can now delegate your FTM to the Hector Finance validator node. Hector Finance is a deflationary rebase token on Fantom, and now also a validator of the Fantom Opera network!

Transak enables FTM purchases in the US

Attention, US-based Fantom fans! With Transak you can now buy FTM directly with your credit card.

Network Stats

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