Fantom General Update | January 16 2023

Fantom General Update | January 16 2023

The first general update of the new year.

Fantom News

Governance proposal successfully passed: Gas Monetization is coming

Gas Monetization rewards quality creators on Fantom sustainably, using a methodology similar to affiliate incentives. This serves the goal of attracting quality developer talent to ensure a healthy network.

Gitcoin Grants voting has ended

Fantom's first Gitcoin funding round has been a huge success. Our beta round saw nearly 300,000 FTM donated by 16,344 unique contributors across 85+ projects.

Over the next weeks, results will be finalized & matching completed. More details to come!

Fantom 2022 recap

For the last general update, we published a MASSIVE recap of 2022 and took a look ahead at what's coming in 2023.

Andre on Oracle Evolution

Andre released a blog post about the history and future of oracles.

MetaFab brings blockchain game development tools to Fantom

With MetaFab, game studios can launch game infrastructure on Fantom in minutes & onboard mainstream gamers in a frictionless way. This helps Fantom to become a force in web3 gaming.

Squid SDK arrives on Fantom

Squid SDK allows developers to index, transform and use blockchain data for free.

Pangolin enables cross-chain swaps on Fantom

Pangolin’s BridgeSwap aggregates 4 bridges and 7 exchanges to offer you the best price possible for your cross-chain swaps.

Network Stats

At the current levels of transaction volume and gas fees, the gas monetization incentives would amount to ~1.000 FTM daily.

Community Corner

πŸ”¦ Fantom Artist Spotlight with Binary Punks

πŸ‘€ A first look at the design for our podcast

πŸ“Ό Fantom AMA on Blockbytes