Fantom General Update | December 20 2021

Fantom General Update | December 20 2021

Happy holidays! Get a hot chocolate and relax with the Fantom news of the last 2 weeks.

Binance US lists Fantom

Great news for our US community! You can now trade FTM on Binance US. Available are FTM/USD and FTM/USDT pairs.

Blocknative Onboard adds Fantom support

It has just gotten a lot easier for developers to add Fantom-based wallets to their products! Onboard includes modules for more than 30 unique hardware and software wallets and features an ever-growing open-source library that provides a wealth of resources and support.

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Chainstack x Fantom

Blockchain infrastructure provider Chainstack now supports both the Fantom mainnet and testnet. With Chainstack, developers get the tools they need to easily manage their own nodes, deploy and maintain dApps, launch NFT collections, run trading bots and more.

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AMA with the Fantom team

Michael, Simone, John and Samuel from the Foundation sat down with Austin of FTMAlerts to answer your most burning questions.

  • What about the fUSD peg?
  • Fantom Ambassador program?
  • What’s happening with Artion?
  • … and more!

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DIA integrates Fantom

Open-source oracle provider DIA offers Fantom-based projects access to price feeds of 6k+ digital assets, 20k+ traditional financial assets, lending rates, FX rates, and more. DIA will also offer Fantom-native price feeds scraped from Fantom-based DEXes.

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Investment platform Webull adds Fantom

You can now trade FTM on Webull.

Social copyfarming platform Don-key Finance goes live on Fantom

Want to know how to earn good yields on Fantom? Don-key Finance allows users to set up farming strategies that others can copy, such as this USDC strategy with 30% APY.

Tortle Ninja lands on Fantom

Tortle Ninja officially moved all its operations to the Fantom Ecosystem. Welcome!

Tortle Ninja is a NoCode DeFi framework which allows users to create customized DeFi trading and farming strategies on-chain.

Fantom Foundation becomes platinum sponsor of TNABC

Fantom will be sponsoring The North American Bitcoin Conference hosted by Keynote, taking place in Miami, January 17-19.

Duelist King sells out 20,000 NFT mystery card boxes on Fantom

NFT card game Duelist King quickly sold out their 20,000 boxes, making it the biggest NFT card sale on Fantom. The Fantom Foundation sponsored 100% of the gas fees. It was Duelist King’s second card sale.

Network Stats

$4.6B TVL on Fantom

These are the biggest projects by TVL

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