Fantom General Update | December 05 2022

Fantom General Update | December 05 2022

Your snapshot of the key events in the Fantom ecosystem in the last two weeks.

New governance proposal: dApp Gas Monetization Program

The proposed gas monetization program will reward high-quality dApps to retain and grow the talented builder base in the Fantom ecosystem.

If passed, this implementation will reduce Fantom’s burn-rate of 20% to 5% and redirect this 15% reduction towards gas monetization. This gas monetization will reward high-quality dApps, retain talented creators, and support Fantom’s network infrastructure.

🗳️ Learn more and vote here

Fantom: An inside financial peak at being a crypto company

Andre Cronje transparently shows the financial history of the Foundation’s treasury.

Fantom just arrived on Ledger Live!

Users can now send, receive & view their FTM directly through the Ledger Live app.

Fantom Research Article: The FVM

Learn how the FVM addresses key challenges of blockchains to evolve Fantom into a massively scalable Layer-1, with the same rapid finality and low fees.

👉 Learn all about the FVM

Applications for Gitcoin Grants Round 1 are now closed

Starting December 12, the registered projects can receive user contributions which get matched with 125,000 FTM from the Foundation via a quadratic funding mechanism.

Vertical Blocks EP #09

In this episode, Ganesh, co-founder of Covalent, joins us to discuss his multi-chain thesis, how to onboard Web2 companies into Web3, and business frameworks to measure success.

Vertical Blocks EP #10

In this episode, 8BIT_Monet joins us to chat about the origin story of 8BIT Metaverse, different token model & game theory approaches, as well as the social connection of NFTs.

ONTO Wallet integrates Fantom mainnet

The newest version of the self-custody ONTO wallet adds native support for FTM and a range of Fantom-based tokens.

Network Stats

Fantom reached more than 420,000,000 transactions in total.

🔦 NFT artist spotlight: Funeral

🗳️ A community-created infographic explaining the new governance proposal

🎧 Fantom x Gitcoin Twitter Space