dApp Gas Monetization Program

dApp Gas Monetization Program

As part of Fantom's continuous push toward implementing sustainable monetization incentives for builders, we'd like to introduce the latest governance proposal. This proposal seeks to reduce Fantom's current burn rate in order to redirect more network fees directly to dApps building on Fantom.

If passed, this implementation will reduce Fantom's burn rate from 20% to 5% and redirect this 15% reduction toward gas monetization. This gas monetization will reward high-quality dApps, retain talented creators, and support Fantom's network infrastructure.

How Does dApp Gas Monetization Work?

Social media platforms thrive on the success of their content creators, and the same can be said for a blockchain’s relationship with its dApps or builder base. Where Web2 social media platforms optimize for ad revenue, high-quality dApps should optimize toward driving increased demand for block space.

So how do we reward the high-quality creators on Fantom in a sustainable way using affiliate rewards?

We take what works in Web2 and restructure it to fit the network's priorities, which means taking the ad monetization model and extending it to gas monetization for high-performing dApps that manage to attract a steady stream of users.

This would be accomplished by splitting the gas fees paid to the network with the builder, at the proposed rate of 15%.

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