Fantom General Update | August 15 2022

Fantom General Update | August 15 2022

Been away for summer holiday? Here’s what happened in the Fantom ecosystem in the last 14 days.

New governance proposal: Lower Staking Rewards

A new proposal seeks to adjust staking rewards downwards as fee income for validators and stakers has grown 18x year-over-year. This means the network is in a strong position and could provide a longer run-rate for emissions and adjust rewards to the market-rate.

ℹ️ More info here

🗳️ Vote is open

Launch of our official Fantom Podcast

Our new podcast “Vertical Blocks” will provide you with insights about our technological progress and business development initiatives, as well as perspectives from the Foundation’s team and builders on Fantom.

The first episode is live with hot topics such as:

  • What differentiates Fantom
  • The new grants program
  • VC relationships
  • Business Development initiatives
  • … and more

👉 Listen to Episode #01

Fantom CEO Michael Kong will speak at this year’s SmartCon, one of the biggest conferences with over 100+ web3 founders, developers and researchers.

SmartCon 2022 is taking place in NYC Sep 28-29.

Understanding Fantom transaction fees

👉 Learn how Fantom keeps transactions fast and gas prices + energy use low in our newest blog post.

Node service provider Blockdaemon adds Fantom support

Blockdaemon provides a high-performance validator-as-a-service solution to the Fantom network. Get access to high-quality nodes with 99.9% uptime and end-to-end support.

👉 Read the announcement

Fantom partners with Cypher Capital

We are happy to announce that Cypher Capital will contribute strategic funding to the Fantom ecosystem. Cypher Capital will support projects across Web3, DeFi, Gaming with early-stage backing and their expertise.

Fantom ecosystem projects release big updates

It’s building season (it always is)!

PaintSwap released V3 of their NFT marketplace

SpiritSwap v2 is in beta, for anyone to try out

Beethoven v2 is up for testing

Fantom transfers are live on Hyphen - Biconomy’s bridge

You can use Hyphen for fast transfers or add liquidity to the Fantom pool to earn rewards.

Network Stats

The number of unique addresses is up +126% (1.900.000 addresses) since January 1.

🔦 Check out our new ecosystem spotlight with WigoSwap.

🎙️ Fantom CEO Michael Kong joined Binance for a Live AMA

🎧 Head of Marketing Juan went on an absolute Twitter Space spree