Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight – WigoSwap

Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight – WigoSwap

For a while now, builders across the Fantom ecosystem have called for a renewed focus on the elements of user experience that will support the seamless onboarding of new users. Enter WigoSwap. With an array of products, including gamified DeFi applications embedded in an intuitive UI, WigoSwap is laying the groundwork for the next wave of crypto adoption.

1.   What is WigoSwap?

WigoSwap is an all-in-one suite where you can enjoy the benefits of DeFi in an accessible and usable way while having fun and earning by participating in games and contests.

The more you engage with WigoSwap, the more you contribute to the scalability and stability of the protocol.

WigoSwap’s comprehensive Web3 platform provides DeFi services including DEX, Yield Farming, and Staking, with the lowest transaction fees in the Fantom ecosystem (only 0.19%).

A clean and responsive user interface means that DeFi Degens and crypto newbies can quickly familiarize themselves with the WigoSwap protocol and feel completely at home.

Alongside WigoSwap’s standard DeFi offerings, exclusive products like WigoGalaxy and PREDICT inject fun and bring even more earnings opportunities to the seamless Web3 experience we provide.

One of WigoSwap’s many advantages is that as engagement and numbers of users increase, the unique Gamified Burning Mechanism or GBM removes tokens from the circulating supply to extend the emissions distribution period without exceeding the 2B token hard cap.

2. How do you introduce WigoSwap to a DeFi novice?

DeFi should be made simple and understandable to even the most inexperienced users. As with any early-stage, new technology, accessibility is an issue, and crypto is no exception.

We try to do things differently on WigoSwap, and we sum up the protocol with this one sentence: WigoSwap enables you to trade your tokens efficiently, earn passive income, and have fun in DeFi.

3. How did you come up with WigoSwap?

The WigoSwap team includes experts and enthusiasts who have been believers in Fantom for years.

We know that for a network to succeed, it needs to attract users via innovative, scalable technology and practical applications that showcase the network's capabilities.

Powerful and groundbreaking DeFi protocols have been developed on Fantom, but due to a lack of attention to user experience and usability, these complex platforms have been unable to attract inexperienced users.

WigoSwap fills this gap with a  DeFi platform combining sophisticated tools and a carefully designed, pleasing visual interface.

From the outset, our aim has been to build an easy- and enjoyable-to-use DeFi protocol that leverages the capabilities of the Fantom network and lowers the barriers to entry that limit new users.

4. What makes WigoSwap different from other protocols?

Several key factors sustain our competitive advantage:

  • Simplicity and comprehensibility: We think user-centric, create simple solutions for real problems, and avoid complicated terms and over-specialized solutions.DeFi should be the answer to users' problems and not the cause of more problems.

Belief in effective simplicity guides our products, the user interface, and the documentation we produce.

  • DeFi with GameFi: We inject an element of fun into DeFi through WigoGalaxy rich user profiles and mini-games. WigoGalaxy opens a new world of gamification in DeFi.
  • Sustainability and scalability: WigoSwap’s tokenomics and deflationary mechanisms are designed around sustainability. A hard cap of 2B limits the total circulating supply. Through the Gameified Burning Mechanism, a significant portion of the WIGO is removed from circulation and reallocated to emissions rewards.

Long-term, with sufficient user engagement, it’s possible that WIGO will be deflationary!

  • The lowest possible transaction fees: Transaction fees on WigoSwap are only 0.19%!
  • Art and NFT: The WigoSwap team is connected to a network of artists with whom we are collaborating to build an NFT marketplace focused on high-quality collections. Users on the platform can already mint a unique and exclusive NFT Wiggy character usable as a PFP.

More Wiggy-themed collections are on the way as we lead up to the launch of our marketplace!

5. What are the team members’ backgrounds?

The WigoSwap team is a collection of experienced builders and young and motivated people. The three principal founders are:

  • Aaron, Co-Founder and Executive Director: INSEAD MBA, 8 years of entrepreneurial experience in technology-related startups; 6 years of coaching and business consulting experience with international companies, including Unilever and Expedia.
  • Jacob, Co-Founder and Technology Lead: Computer science graduate; Technology entrepreneur; Blockchain researcher; Software design experience for companies such as Amazon and WeTransfer
  • Emma, Co-Founder and Economist: Ph.D. in Economics, researcher in the field of financial technologies.

Alongside, we have a team of young professionals with experience across various fields like branding, gamification, software product management, and communications management.

The WigoSwap team resides worldwide, and all decisions are made collectively.

6. How did you learn about Fantom?

WigoSwap's founding team has supported the Fantom network as enthusiasts and investors since the beginning.

Of course, choosing to build on Fantom did not happen overnight; this belief was formed over the years.

7. Why did you decide to build on Fantom?

One of the significant advantages of the Fantom ecosystem is the engagement of an active and demanding community that is receptive to innovation.

Along with this, Fantom Network's speed, scalability, stability, and very low fees make it an easy choice.

Every developer needs new tools at their disposal, and fortunately, Fantom has always performed impressively in this field. So when you start developing, you can rest assured that all the vital tools are available to developers here.

8. How did the Fantom community receive WigoSwap?

The Fantom community is full of sharp and supportive members.

We are thrilled to have built such a great community around our product. Unlike many protocols, WigoSwap's community keeps up with our progress.

Our users support us, give us valuable feedback, and share ideas with us; they are one of the main pillars of the project’s success.

9. What’s coming up for WigoSwap? Free alpha!

Recent market conditions have forced us to be more agile and intelligent in our decisions, which is essential to WigoSwap’s long-term growth.

As a new project born in the bear market, we spend our resources optimally on things that can have more impact and bring more users to WigoSwap:

  • We plan to focus increasingly on GameFi. Our recent investment in the excellent game RedWest marks a vital step in this direction. We believe that GameFi can play a critical role in growing DeFi services.
  • Another key component in our GameFi strategy is WigoGalaxy, an area of WigoSwap where we will continue to develop and offer fun and profitable mini-games that will serve as a portal for users to experience gamified-DeFi.
  • We will grow the Fantom NFT ecosystem with Wiggy NFTs, the NFT Marketplace, and collaborations with reputable artists.
  • In addition to the above, we will soon release the WigoSwap Launchpad and WigoRun, through which blockchain startups can access accelerator and fundraising programs and resources to support their expansion on the Fantom network.

10. Where does DeFi go from here? What are your hopes for DeFi most broadly?

The history of technology shows us that breakthrough innovations over the last century emerge approximately every decade: telephone, radio, TV, computer, internet, and mobile.

We believe that Web3 is the next revolutionary technology and that user experience is key to its success. To succeed, all Web3 applications and tools must focus on onboarding new users.

This belief guides the WigoSwap philosophy: to deliver value in the simplest way possible.

11. Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

WigoSwap is an entirely new and independent protocol focused on simplicity and improving user experience. We are eager to collaborate with ecosystem protocols and investors.

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