Fantom General Update | April 25 2022

Fantom General Update | April 25 2022

All Fantom highlights of the last 14 days you need to know, condensed in one blog post.

fWallet v2 Beta Release

We are happy to release v2 of our fWallet. With the beta build, you can already test all new features on desktop until we will roll out mobile support, which will mark the official launch.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Modern UI
  • View + manage Fantom ecosystem tokens
  • Simplified on-chain governance voting
  • In-wallet swap and bridge
  • Redesigned staking interface

Later on we will add additional functionalities such as an NFT browser.

👉 For more info about the exciting new features + a short guide, check out our latest blog post.

Into the Metaverse with Fantom

In our educational piece, learn about

  • What the Metaverse is
  • What Metaverse projects are building on Fantom
  • And why Fantom is the perfect infrastructure for it

Deconstructing a Fantom Engineering Team

In a guest post, Justin Bebis from the acclaimed Byte Masons team shares his insights on how to become a successful Fantom developer.

WOOFi launches on Fantom

Liquidity protocol WOO Network is now live on Fantom with its innovative sPMM (synthetic proactive market maker) algorithm.

1inch live on Fantom

With 1inch, the popular DEX aggregator, you can now find the cheapest swaps on Fantom.

BlockVision releases developer tools for Fantom

Building web3 on Fantom? Make it easier with BlockVision.

Stader launches liquid staking for FTM

Staking via Stader allows you to earn staking rewards for securing the network, plus additional yield on top by utilizing sFTMx in DeFi.

Incognito is bringing privacy to Fantom

Incognito allows you to transfer FTM without revealing your identity.

Network Stats

ACryptoS launched validator #66.

💬 Fantom CEO Michael joined Ahmed Salam, Founder of cross-chain swap protocol Atlas DEX, in a Twitter Space about the future of DeFi.

🗣️ Michael also chatted about the recent launches of WOO Network and 1inch on Fantom on a livestream with FTMAlerts.

🎧 Back-to-back-to-back. Michael went on the Crypto Coin Show to talk about everything Fantom.

🤝 Fantom CMO Simone answered questions from the Fantom community.

🎮 Fantom and Carv discussed how to make web3 gaming better.

🔦 The newest installments of our ecosystem spotlight features UniDex Finance, which provides users with multiple DeFi products such as derivative products, limit orders and aggregated swaps and NFT card game Duelist King.

👑 Check out our latest Fantom community spotlights with Czepta and Elle.