Fantom General Update | April 10, 2023

Fantom General Update | April 10, 2023

Welcome to the latest General Update!

Over the past two weeks, we saw the release of several Fantom Spotlights and the Ecosystem Vault reaching an impressive amount of FTM.

Join us as we recap the latest developments in the world of Fantom.

News and developments

Mar 28

The Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight series is moving forward strongly, with the latest addition featuring Plena Finance, a self-custodial wallet that leverages account abstraction to offer a smooth wallet experience.

Mar 30

The Fantom Ecosystem Vault hit a new milestone by reaching a staggering 250,000 FTM! Every single token in the Vault will be used to fund dApps on Fantom to support their development and growth.

Apr 6

The Fantom Community Spotlight series had its latest addition featuring yuvi in which he talked about his thoughts on decentralized governance, his writing to teach readers about DeFi, and his work in other areas.

New integrations


SUPA Foundation, a play-and-earn metaverse that includes diverse games, announced that its beta will launch on April 27! Its marketplace will launch a few weeks earlier on April 3.

8PLAY.GAMES released another game called Granary Dash on their arcade platform!

Estfor Kingdomโ€™s alpha is live officially for anyone to try!

Vertical Blocks

Vertical Blocks, the one-stop place for everything blockchain, Fantom, and beyond, had its first Twitter Space and pushed out several pieces of content over the last two weeks.

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