How to Get Funding on Fantom

How to Get Funding on Fantom

Creators on Fantom continue to innovate by building new and exciting projects that pave the way for the future. The Fantom Foundation supports these creators through a variety of funding opportunities, as we believe that a project without funding is like a rocket with fuel.

Over the past year, we have launched three powerful avenues for projects to receive funding to support their development and growth.

Let’s explore each one, including a bonus one at the end!

Ecosystem Vault

The Ecosystem Vault is an on-chain fund that is financed by 10% of the transaction fees on Fantom.

The community determines funding allocation through our decentralized governance process. FTM stakers have the power to vote on proposals submitted by projects requesting funds, ultimately determining which ones receive funding.

Two steps are required to apply for funding from the Vault:

Forum Post
Create a forum post
Provide as much detail as possible about what your project is developing or improving, why it’s worth funding, timelines and milestones, KPIs, team wallet addresses, and the amount of FTM requested.

Governance Proposal
Create a governance proposal
You must add the link to your forum post in the proposal, and no further text is required in the description. The proposal requires a 100 FTM fee to submit.

The maximum amount you can request is equal to the total supply of FTM in the Vault at the time of your application.

Learn more here about the entire process and how funding is approved and paid.

Gitcoin Grants

Gitcoin Grants is a funding program created in collaboration with Gitcoin and financed by the Fantom Foundation.

The program operates on a matching funds model. Community members donate FTM to participating projects in grant rounds, and the program matches these donations through a funding allocation method known as quadratic funding; the more unique donations a project receives, the higher the matching funding will be.

Before each grant round, which is held regularly, there is an application phase during which projects apply to participate. To stay updated on upcoming rounds, follow the Fantom Foundation Twitter.

Learn more here about the entire process and how grants are allocated.

Gas Monetization

The Gas Monetization program offers dApps a 15% share of the gas fees they generate.

In Web2, creators receive a share of the ad revenue their content generates, and Fantom aims to bring the same model to Web3 by monetizing the traffic dApps bring to the platform.

To be eligible to participate, each dApp must have:

  • Completed at least 1,000,000 transactions
  • Been live on Fantom for at least 3 months

Upon approval to participate in the program, a dApp will begin to receive 15% of the gas fees they generate. Currently, we are working directly with a small number of projects. Make sure to follow the Fantom Foundation Twitter to know when applications open to the wider public.

Learn more here about the entire process.

Venture Capital

Investments from venture capitalists can also be a great source of funding for projects with particular goals that align with the VC model.

To provide Fantom projects with VC funding opportunities where they are better suited, the Fantom Foundation has formed several partnerships with venture capital firms eager to be involved in our ecosystem.

The firms providing funding to Fantom-native projects include Hyperchain Capital, Cypher Capital, GDA Capital, Mapleblock Capital, and more.

To have your project considered by the pool of investors involved in the ecosystem, submit a pitch deck to:

Please note:

  • VC firms affiliated with Fantom select projects for funding independently.
  • VC firms will contact projects selected for funding at their discretion, and the process does not include the Fantom Foundation.
  • Because VC firms act independently, the Fantom Foundation cannot check timelines or the status of a submitted pitch deck.