Fantom General Update | September 25, 2023

Fantom General Update | September 25, 2023

Welcome to the latest General Update!

Over the past few weeks, we welcomed Joseph Epstein as our new CMO, had a substantial presence at TOKEN2049 in Singapore, and had Fantom integrated into Google's BigQuery!

Join us as we recap the latest developments in the world of Fantom.

News and developments

September 13

We welcomed Joseph Epstein, the new Chief Marketing Officer at the Fantom Foundation, who has held senior-level positions at Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, TikTok, and more!

September 14

Michael Kong, CEO of the Fantom Foundation, presented Fantom 2.0 at TOKEN2049, the largest annual digital asset event in Asia. The upgrade will scale Fantom to new levels!

September 20

Fantom had a strong presence at TOKEN2049 as the video below shows. The event in Singapore brought together the Fantom family to explore Web3 and have a pleasant time!

September 21

Google has integrated Fantom into its BigQuery public datasets, a service that allows users to analyse petabytes of data, now including Fantom on-chain metrics!

Launches and integrations

Vertical Blocks

Vertical Blocks, the one-stop place for everything blockchain, Fantom, and beyond, continues to push out content!

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