Fantom General Update | September 20 2021

Fantom General Update | September 20 2021

Another eventful two weeks for the Fantom ecosystem. Here's your bi-weekly news recap.

Fireblocks adds Fantom support

Fireblocks has added support for FTM mainnet and ERC-20 tokens, allowing the 500+ banks, hedge funds, lending desks, and other financial institutions using the Fireblocks platform to securely hold FTM.

Fireblocks is a leading enterprise-grade platform delivering a secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets, securing over $400 billion in assets.

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Curve Finance introduces pool factory on Fantom

Anyone is now able to create new pools on Curve. This will bring additional liquidity to Fantom and Fantom-native tokens.

The wizards at MIM already deployed a metapool containing MIM, fUSDT and USDC to strengthen the peg of MIM.

First peak at Fantom’s NFT marketplace Artion

A first look at Artion’s UI ...

… and some additional info drops

NFT bridge alpha is live

The bridge will allow you to bridge NFTs between Ethereum and Fantom. Right now, you can try bridging Loot test tokens to Fantom via the Anyswap NFT bridge.

👉 Read the guide to get started.

Fantom x WOO Network

Fantom and WOO Network are happy to announce a strategic partnership. WOO will provide liquidity for Fantom on decentralized exchanges, bridges, and other dApps. This makes it easy for users to enter the Fantom ecosystem and provides them with a better trading experience. Additionally, WOO will provide liquidity for FTM in the CeFi space.

Suter Shield deployed on Fantom

Suterusu’s private payment technology enables you to send private transactions on Fantom via

MyConstant integrates Fantom mainnet into p2p lending platform

You can now use your FTM as collateral for loans in crypto or USD on

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Co-Op & PVP MMO Lair of Wisdom launches on Fantom

In Lair of Wisdom, you can work together with other players to breed and nurture dragons and fight the dragons of other teams. An interesting social experiment, completely on-chain.

👉 Check out this guide to get started.

CelerNetwork releases Fantom bridge

The CelerNetwork cBridge now supports movement between Fantom Mainnet and the rest of the DeFi ecosystem.

TokenPocket integrates Fantom mainnet

You can now store your FTM and interact with Fantom dApps using the TokenPocket wallet.

AntiMatter announces perpetual options on Fantom

AntiMatter will be bringing its perpetual options offering to Fantom. Perpetuals represent a big growth opportunity in DeFi.

You can already check out the Fantom index on This allows you to trade an index of tokens easily, represented by an NFT. Find out more about it here.

Fantom series “Fantom Ecosystem spotlight” begins

The series showcases one Fantom project per week, providing you with all the important info you need in the form of interviews with the project teams.

The first two articles feature Scream and Reaper. lists FTM

You can now buy FTM on, including US users.

Zapper expands tracking functionality for Fantom

You can now track your assets across SushiSwap, Reaper Farm, Scream and SpiritSwap on Fantom on Zapper.

Network Stats

Rarity, an on-chain RPG started by Andre, has been a massive success in the last two weeks. The on-chain stats underline that:

  • More than 2,500,000 summoners have been minted
  • Rarity is responsible for around 925,000 transactions per day
  • Since the launch of Rarity on September 5, 250,000+ new addresses have been created

💪 The incredible RPC tool managed by Fantom community member Kasper Neist was acquired by Ankr. Congrats Kasper and thank you for your awesome work!

📹 Simone talked to DeFi Slate to showcase yield farming on Fantom

🎧 Simone joined the Foot Guns podcast to discuss the Fantom ecosystem