Fantom General Update | July 19 2022

Let us bring you up-to-date with the key events in the Fantom ecosystem in the last two weeks.

Fantom and the Web3 paradigm

Web3 aims to bring back the original vision for the internet - decentralized and user-owned. This requires a neutral, decentralized, resilient and scalable foundation. In our article, we explain how Fantom will meet the needs of web3.

The Future of DeFi on Fantom

In light of the recent problems of CeFi platforms, builders on Fantom share their thoughts on the future developments and challenges in DeFi.

Governance proposal: Ecosystem Support Vault

FTM stakers can now vote on a new proposal. Through the Ecosystem Support Vault, the community can fund projects, ideas and creations on Fantom via governance votes. ⅓ of the existing 30% burn rate from transaction fees (10% of transaction fees) would be diverted to the vault.

🗳️ Vote here

fWallet performance update

The update implements new mobile optimizations and a fully responsive web + mobile UI.

Strongblock launches new Fantom nodes

Nodes-as-a-service provider Strongblock now offers Entangled Nodes for Fantom. These are designed to simplify management and lower gas fees. If you want to run your own validator, check out Strongblock.

Fantom partners with Mapleblock Capital to support the ecosystem

As part of the collaboration, Mapleblock Capital will provide early-stage funding for teams, no matter their location, and support them in business development, marketing, research and team building.

FTMScan adds ERC-1155 support

You can now check all ERC-1155 tokens and related transfers on Fantom’s block explorer.

DePocket integrates Fantom

DePocket allows you to track assets on Fantom with popular multi-chain wallets.

Network Stats

🔦 Chunk NFT, who are working on 3D virtual lands and blockchain games, and smart & social wallet Zerion are featured in our recent ecosystem spotlights.

🎧 Stader Labs x Fantom AMA.

👂 Fantom CEO Michael Kong joined Chainlink for a comprehensive discussion around implications of Chainlink Keepers + VRF v2. The Twitter Space wasn’t recorded.