Fantom General Update | August 29 2022

Fantom General Update | August 29 2022

Here are the highlights from the Fantom ecosystem for the last two weeks.

Gitcoin is coming to Fantom in October

Gitcoin will soon integrate Fantom! This will enable us to launch our new 335m FTM Incentive Program in partnership with Gitcoin grants. Gitcoin uses quadratic voting to democratically allocate funding to projects, whether DeFi, games, NFT, education. infrastructure or something else.

Fantom DAG 2.0 - An Explainer

How can Fantom achieve high transactions per second with fast finality? Our latest article explains it.

Episode 2 of Fantom Podcast “Vertical Blocks” is out now

In the new episode, Chief Research Officer Professor Bernhard Scholz details his background, the team's ongoing research, and the continuous evolution toward the Fantom Virtual Machine.

Fantom welcomes VC Partner GDA Capital

The Fantom Foundation is happy to welcome GDA Capital to the Fantom family! GDA Capital will bring funding to projects building in the Fantom ecosystem.

Bubblemaps joins the Fantom ecosystem

Bubblemaps visualizes blockchain data in a transparent and playful way. Now you can explore tokens on Fantom with their visual platform.

Cask Protocol is bringing NFT subscriptions to Fantom

You can use Cask Protocol to set up recurring payments between providers and users. All web3 subscriptions are NFTs. enabling:

  • Transferability
  • Discounts based on on-chai ndata
  • Free trials
  • Grace periods
  • … and more

Beethoven V2 is live

The beloved Fantom-based project Beethoven X released V2 of their DEX. From more scalable infrastructure to a new UI, V2 is a big update worthy of its name!

Live-action documentary about Fantom’s NFT scene

Brainchild of aFantom community filmmaker, this project is up to win a production grant from Decentralized Pictures. The episodic docu-series is set to release in 2023.

Chainbase adds Fantom support

Developers can now use Chainbase’s cloud-based APIs to quickly build and scale their projects.

Network Stats

Fantom had 181,000 unique active users in August.

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