Fantom General Update | August 28, 2023

Fantom General Update | August 28, 2023

Welcome to the latest General Update!

Over the past few weeks, we launched the free-to-participate community funding round for the Ecosystem Vault and distributed 505,000 FTM to twelve projects as part of the Gas Monetization quarterly bonus!

Join us as we recap the latest developments in the world of Fantom.

News and developments

August 22

The Ecosystem Vault's first community funding round opened for projects to apply and potentially receive a share of 750,000 FTM!

August 24

The top twelve gas-earning projects on Fantom received 505,000 FTM for the first-ever Gas Monetization quarterly bonus!

Launches and integrations

Estfor Kingdom

$5,000 Skill Level Contest

$1,000 in Content Prizes

Vertical Blocks

Vertical Blocks, the one-stop place for everything blockchain, Fantom, and beyond, is pushing out content strongly!

Web3 Tooling and Crypto Use Cases