3 Questions, 2 Memecoins (Round 1) — Meme Season

3 Questions, 2 Memecoins (Round 1) — Meme Season

With our Meme Season competition underway, we decided to ask 2 of the meme leaders 3 questions each.

Here it is in all the glory.


Q: What is one thing the Fantom community does well + one thing that could improve?

A: Feels like it’s a creator’s world on Fantom, everyone is creating such good art and content for the chain, it’s great to see.

The walls must open for all the cats and dogs looking to come and join the fam. For Fantom/Sonic to grow, the community needs to grow. Flap doors are Muttski’s favourite, feels welcoming.

Q: How much trading volume has your TG bot done on Fantom?

A: The time traveler in me finds it funny having seen the future where this becomes our daily volume on Sonic but for the starters not so bad: degens have successfully swapped over 2,300,000 $FTM using MuttskiBot.

Q: What is another memecoin on Fantom sub $1M mcap you think does a good job? What do they do so well?

A: $VERSUS. They are so true to their name it feels like it’s them VS 100K Market Cap for their chart. However, their constant attitude of not giving up will help them succeed and get greater heights, Muttski wishes them luck 🐶


Q: Out of all of the theories, which conspiracy theory do you think is most likely to be true?

A: Most plausible conspiracy theory is that Andre is a shapeshifter sent from another galaxy to gift the Ether with an all of the layers blockchain.
Other most plausible theory: Stevie Wonder isn't blind

Q: What is another memecoin on Fantom under $1M mcap you think does a good job?

A: My favorite memecoin under 1m is the only demon I can support and that's the SuperSpeedDemon $SPEED.

Q: What would jet fuel melt through first? 500 aluminum foil cat sculptures or 1 cat in the hat-themed steel notebook?

A: The jet fuel would obviously melt through the steel notebook first as aluminum foil is the way too strong a defense. It wouldn't even let the fuel near them sculptures.