3 Questions, 2 Memecoins (Round 2) — Meme Season

3 Questions, 2 Memecoins (Round 2) — Meme Season

Meme Season has seen new leaders taking top spots! With the competition now well underway, we caught up with the 2 memes in first and second place.

(As always, ape responsibly 🦍)


Q: You provide a lot of support for Fantom ecosystem projects. What are your favorite kind of projects to support and what do you think we need more of?

A: I like to focus my time and energy on helping projects that can drive eyes, liquidity, and volume to Fantom. Fantom has a unique culture, one thing we need more of is warm welcomes to new projects and communities joining Fantom :)

Q: Do you prefer goat’s milk over cow’s milk or is that weird?

A: When I can't get human breast milk directly from the tap, I will ask for either camels milk or goat milk.

Q: What is another memecoin on Fantom sub $1M mcap you think does a good job? What do they do so well?

A: Best place to find the young and upcoming memes on Fantom is degen.express. I expect with this competition there will be abundant new memes launching soon.


Q: What is one thing Fantom community does well + one thing that could improve?

A: The community are welcoming and supportive of builders and other community members on the chain. There is a creative crew of people with loads of different ideas. I think brining the community closer together as it can be a little siloed at times could help. Unite is at the front of making that a reality for all Fantom community members.

Q: Your project started in a unique way, can you set the record straight for what exactly happened when the token was created?

A: I put out a personal tweet and in that tweet I joked about me not launching HOOPS coin, then someone came through and launched HOOPS and posted it in the Equalizer Discord. I bought a good amount of supply to try and make something of the impromptu launch, then bought supply off someone that had close to 25% of the supply to try and level the playing field. Following this, I then purchased the initial LP back and had requested the deployer renounce the contract.

Since then a call for takeover proposals was made and a team of talented individuals has since taken the reins on the HOOPS meme. Been very happy with the community they are growing and the memes coming out of the HOOPS factory make me laugh each day!

Q: What is another memecoin on Fantom sub $1M mcap you think does a good job? What do they do so well?

A: This is a trick question. As the founder of Equalizer I remain impartial and say any meme with their liquidity on Equalizer, is the best collective of memes on Fantom under $1M MC.