3 Questions, 2 Memecoins (Round 3) — Meme Season

3 Questions, 2 Memecoins (Round 3) — Meme Season

The third round of 3 Questions, 2 Memecoins is here and follows an adventure-packed week of Meme Season on Fantom.

(As always, ape responsibly 🦍)



Q: Set the record straight. Is Pedro a mongoose or a meerkat?

A: The community decided. Pedro is both.

Q: What is another memecoin on Fantom under $1M market cap you think is doing a good job?

A: Pedro really likes $AGOAT.

Q: What does Pedro eat for breakfast?

A: It didn't eat anything since the launch, but normally breakfast includes red candles and rattlesnakes.



Q: Are cheetahs faster than hedgehogs?

A: Well, this particular little cheetah woke up one morning and swallowed that blue hedgehog for breakfast. It feeds on speed you see! Since then, the cheetah turned blue and its speed increased tenfold, allowing it to teleport between realms and even time travel to the past and future.

There’s no stopping this cheetah ever, it is indeed the fastest creature in the multiverse!

Q: What is one thing the Fantom community does well + one thing that could improve?

A: Whether you’re a protocol user, a visitor needing technical help, or a newcomer to Web3 development, the warmth and care of the Fantom community stand out.

Honorable mentions: Equalizer, PaintSwap, SilverSwap, Velocimeter, Solidly, SpookySwap, WigoSwap, Beethoven X, Debita, Lynx, Xpandr, Unite, Plus.bet, MCLB DAO, ChillPill, etc.

Areas for improvement: The community could work on reducing tribalism. Sometimes, support is biased towards one group, neglecting others and creating divisions. By embracing open-mindedness and recognizing that all protocols aim to enhance the Fantom ecosystem, we can unite to strengthen our position and reach the top 10. Unity makes us stronger; division leaves us vulnerable.

Q: What is another memecoin on Fantom under $1M market cap you think is doing a good job?

A: When considering memecoins on Fantom with a market cap under $1M that stand out, it’s quite challenging to pick just one. The space is vibrant with numerous memecoins, each working diligently to innovate and contribute to the Fantom ecosystem.

They’re not only introducing exciting and fun concepts but also fostering community spirit to combat divisiveness. Among these, $SPEED, $CABRON, and $BLACKY are currently showing remarkable strength and potential.