Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight – Tank Wars Zone

Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight – Tank Wars Zone

If releases like Tank Wars Zone are anything to go by, 2022 will be big for gaming on Fantom. Tank Wars Zone has a bit of everything: an old-school cool shooter premise, Metaverse lands to explore, upgradeable and customizable vehicles and weapons, verifiably fair matches, and a healthy dose of GameFi. Without a doubt, this is one of the most anticipated game releases this year.

1. What is Tank Wars Zone?

Tank Wars Zone is an exciting play-to-earn blockchain game based on the tank battle genre.

In Tank Wars Zone, players will explore the game world, collect enhancing gaming items, participate in battles with other players, and raid bosses. Players can earn rewards along the way by playing the game, staking tokens, trading NFTs, lending, etc.

They will also have access to a variety of tank classes, each with its own set of qualities such as health, armor, and speed. Additional equipment and upgradeable armament can be added to each tank. After battles, players will receive the in-game currency TGOLD and experience points, which affect tank power and value.

In addition, users can participate in and earn rewards from a variety of gaming modes, including PvE, PvP, World Boss Battle, Guild Wars, Tank Championship, and Battle Royale.

We also include a variety of battle mechanisms and other features for players to have fun with, such as lending, cloning, garage, etc.

Tank Wars Zone combines gaming with aspects of DeFi. You can earn tokens while playing, you can stake them for rewards, and also buy and trade in-game digital assets (NFTs).

To get started with the platform or the game, visit our Discord or Telegram sites and engage with our helpful moderators and wonderful community. We also offer a chatbox on our website, tutorial articles, and more, all geared to novice crypto users, who want to start playing Tank Wars Zone to have fun while they earn.

3. How is Tank Wars Zone different from other P2E games?

Our vision for the Tank Wars Metaverse is to offer both a high-quality game and a platform for user-generated assets and content.

Our APIs and SDKs will allow users to create their own designs and other in-game assets like items, decorations, and more in the Garage, or even their own tank design in the Factory.

Building a Garage or Factory will also require land which users can purchase or obtain by fighting monsters that roam these virtual parcels of land.

If a player is an excellent designer and developer, they can earn money by selling their models and creations in our game marketplace.

Tank Wars Zone also offers unique features like lending and cloning. Lending allows players to rent out their tanks to other players. Tank owners can set a fixed daily charge, and anyone renting their tanks must pay, whether they use them or not.

From a business perspective, a player can adopt an Uber-style business model in which they grow a large fleet of tanks and engage users to play for them. The tank managers thus earn passive income from the rental rates they set up in advance.

Tank cloning allows each Genesis (1st Generation) tank to be cloned up to 7 Generation 2 (GenX) tanks, making the game more diverse and interesting.

Over time, the Tank Wars Metaverse will evolve into a social space offering opportunities and events alongside gaming. These will include concerts, musicals, virtual real estate businesses, custom buildings, advertising, and more.

4. How are the tokens TGOLD and WBOND used on the Tank Wars platform?

There are two primary tokens in Tank Wars Zone: WBOND and TGOLD.

With a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, WBOND is the utility and governance token that players can earn through staking, NFT trading, or special events. In addition to its mentioned uses for staking and trading NFTs, it will be used for voting when we implement the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in future updates.

WBOND is currently listed and tradeable on SpookySwap (DEX) and MEXC (CEX).

TGOLD is the in-game currency that can be obtained through in-game actions and farming. TGOLD has no predefined supply and is used for NFT trading, lending, rentals, repair, and tank upgrades.

TGOLD is currently listed on SpookySwap.

5. How did you come up with Tank Wars?

Just as massively multiplayer online games revolutionized online gaming, we see blockchain-based cryptocurrency games opening new avenues for players and game developers.

While traditional mainstream games are produced to make money by charging players, today’s gamers can turn to blockchain games to actually earn money while enjoying the thrill of gaming. Some of these games reward players with cryptocurrencies, while others allow players to acquire NFTs and valuable crypto assets, which may later be sold for a profit.

Depending on game popularity and the rarity of an NFT, an in-game blockchain asset can be sold at incredible prices ‒ sometimes upwards of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Game developers now have the freedom to build ecosystems in which they determine tokenomics, gameplay, dynamics, etc. The more successful their projects are, the more valuable their cryptocurrencies and NFTs will be in the crypto market.

Tank Wars Zone leverages the best of what blockchain has to offer. It is an open, inexpensive game that anyone can join and start earning immediately.

6. What games inspired you?

Our game is inspired by a classic 16-bit tank game on Nintendo NES called Battle City.

Many of us, especially those in our late 20s or 30s used to play this game back in our childhoods.

The shooter tank game genre resonates with many players, but of course, we’ve updated it with enhanced gameplay mechanics and blockchain technology.

7. What is the team background?

Our founding team of Pete, Paul, and Lawson got involved in the blockchain market in 2013, mining and trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In 2019, we became the first community validator on Fantom Network, second only to the validators set up by the Fantom Foundation.

We have been operating a Fantom validator ever since. The opportunity to participate as an early validator gave us knowledge and experience, and offered a healthy capital return. Currently, we are also one of the most staked validators on Fuse Network, another promising sidechain.

At the moment, we have a total of 41 employees and growing.

Our development team members have significant experience working in prestigious blockchain companies like Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL). The Cardano project (ADA) has been outsourcing some of its development to IBL. Also, if you ever do KYC, you may use the IBL product Blockpass.

In terms of gaming, our development team members also come from major gaming companies such as Gameloft Vietnam, a subsidiary of of Gameloft Global, or Amanotes, which is the #1 music games publisher in the world and the #1 mobile apps publisher in Southeast Asia with 1.7B+ downloads.

Everything in our game from the graphics and videos, to gameplay, has been built entirely in-house by our dev team.

From the moment we began building Tank Zone Wars, our ambition has been to gather a team of veteran developers with extensive experience in both blockchain and gaming development.

8. How did you learn about Fantom?

We were fortunate to learn about Fantom just after the genesis mainnet release in 2019. The development roadmap and the team behind the protocol drew us in, and we’ve been here ever since.

9. Why did you decide to build on Fantom?

As mentioned, we have been working with Fantom since its very early days.

The Fantom Foundation has been incredibly supportive of our project, and the advice they offered regarding investors, technology, and networking has been priceless.

We are one of the first blockchain games on Fantom, and it’s tremendously meaningful to us to have the backing of the Fantom Foundation. We have an enduring bond with Fantom and its community.

10. How has your experience been building on Fantom?

The Fantom Network offers us many benefits such as very low transaction fees, fast transaction confirmation, and an especially supportive community.

Fantom has made incredible progress in its development and we truly believe it will become one of the most major and popular blockchains in the near future.

11. How did the community receive Tank Wars?

We are thankful for the positive feedback we have received from our members and investors thus far. During our IDO/IEO in January, our tokens sold out in all of our 5 launchpads. For our INO, we also sold out our 10,000 Genesis NFTs.

According to internal data, hundreds of thousands of users joined our game to play matches after launch.

The community is one of the most important aspects of our GameFi project. We are very thankful for their support and we really appreciate their feedback.

12. What’s coming up for Tank Wars?

We launched our official Play-to-Earn PvE mode a few weeks ago. In the upcoming weeks, we plan to release additional features such as the renting/lending system, tank cloning, mobile versions, staking, PvP, etc.

We have many features in our development roadmap and we will release regular updates to diversify gameplay and most of all, entertain gamers and attract new players! We have momentum and a long-term plan.

13. What is the future of blockchain gaming?

The future of gaming is incredibly promising. Blockchain technology has opened so many new ways to earn in games ‒ for instance as a gamer, member of a gaming guild, an investor, or a content creator. The gaming paradigm has been completely revolutionized.

The gaming industry by itself is a multi-billion dollar industry with a growth rate of approximately 10% per year, and forecasted market size of $268 Billion in 2025. Today, it is bigger than all other media categories combined: TV, Box Office, streaming media (Netflix, Spotify, etc.), and it reaches an incredibly large user base via mobile devices.

In the context of GameFi, Play-to-Earn games became the blockchain industry’s dominant category. These games account for 49% of the industry’s usage with over 1.4 million Unique Active Wallets (UAW) interacting daily with game Dapps.

Game NFTs have amassed over $4.5 billion in trading volume, accounting for 20% of the total NFT sales in 2021.

The figures say it all. As blockchain adoption accelerates, gaming will follow suit.

14. What would you like to say to fellow developers who haven’t started building on Fantom?

Fantom’s TVL, which ranks it among the top blockchains in DeFi, tells you all you need to know about its popularity and the large number of users on the network.

The platform’s EVM compatibility means that coders can quickly build or port their projects to the network using the industry’s most well-known tools.

There are already over 200 Dapps on Fantom, and the number is growing. Each new protocol adds to the network's value, opportunities, and synergies. This has a compounding effect, creating a dynamic ecosystem.

Fantom also offers large grants and incentive programs, as well as technical assistance, guidance, feedback, and support.

15. Is there anything that you’d like to add?

We are very grateful to have this opportunity to share about Tank Wars Zone.

This game is one of many projects established and developed by our parent company, We are also currently working on several other dApps that will be launched in the coming months.

We feel fortunate to be able to experience this unique moment in history when blockchain emerges to transform almost every aspect of modern life. Our ambition is to have a role in this revolution as it plays out in the gaming industry. We’d be grateful if you joined us!

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