Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight – Froqorion

Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight – Froqorion

Can one look at a Tiny Frog NFT without feeling a sense of wonder? They’re small and cute, certainly, but the landscapes and accessories on those adorable amphibians activate the imagination.

The pixelated art here works contrary to what one would think, making each image more complex and rich because it abstracts everyday objects and makes us ask questions. Have we said enough to make you curious?

1. What is Froqorion?

Froqorion is the universe of frogs. It’s a peaceful place where frogs frolic, bask in the sun and bathe in gentle, cool streams.

Fantom Frog Family is the genesis NFT collection of Froqorion. 1111 happily ribbiting frogs are chilling in safe walls of Froqorion. This collection will always be the foundation of the project.

Froqorion is also the team behind Tiny Frogs, an NFT collection of… you guessed it, tiny frogs, each with their own unique attributes and long-term utility.

Not only did we launch two super cute collections, we also went for the more serious stuff: 1/1s! The collection Froqorion’s Relics currently consists of 1 unique made by Squirtle, but this project will be filled with the most prestigious designs waiting to be auctioned or to be given away. (Catch all the 6 Froggomons in the Tiny Frogs collection and you will be rewarded with a custom made 1/1!)

Not only do we have a super-duper cool community, we also have a special committed group: Froqorion DAO. This is a group with OG whales that help steer the project in the desired direction. We still have some DAO cards left to give away to the most emotionally invested frogs!

2. What inspired Froqorion, and how did the project evolve?

Froqorion was originally named Fantom Frog Family and created mainly as a response to the anxious market situations at the time. I wanted to create a safe haven in the incredibly volatile and scary crypto space.

We changed our name because I had a long-term vision of a frog universe, and the name “Fantom Frog Family” did not capture the entire essence of my plan. I chose Froqorion because it does sound like an ancient city where frogs lived in peace.

3. What are the team members’ backgrounds?

Squirtle – Founder / project lead / artist

I am a UX designer with a serious love for pixel-based games based in the Netherlands. At 15 years old, I cracked Photoshop CS2 and started my journey as a designer.

Having dabbled in many mediums (DJ, producer, graphic artist, cameraman, video editor, animator), I have finally found my calling in pixel art and Froqorion. Being in the position I am today fills my heart with joy, ribbit!

deso – Community manager / Dev

Deso has a background in software engineering, and when not working full-time, he is tinkering with discord bots for making awesome events in the Froqorion discord. He loves the community so much that he stepped up to be the community manager so he can help with keeping the community active.

Osais – Co-artist

Osais is the co-artist in Froqorion and helps out with design and artwork. Before meeting Squirtle, Osais wasn’t an artist. Along with Squirtle, Froqorion lit his passion for drawing. (Note from Squirtle: Osais composes incredible poetry as well!)

Guccigoon – Discord moderator

Hi! I’m Gucci! I am 23 years old and study finance and control. I’ve been into crypto for a while now but use FTM as my main chain because of the energy consumption and gas fees.

I got into Froqorion through deso and loved it immediately. These guys are constantly building, and I had to get involved. I’ve been sharing my ideas with them for a long time, and they’ve always appreciated them. Recently I’ve been invited to be part of the team officially and take on the DAO-related activities. And I couldn’t say no. So here I am.

4. How did you get into NFTs?

After being active in the DeFi space of FTM for a while, a good friend of mine gifted me my very first NFT. It was a Spooky Skeleton.

I was intrigued by the idea of creating art and building a whole world around it. My first mint was a Fantom Boy by Visionary Boy. (I instantly got a legendary!)

From there on out, the NFT journey has been a proper rollercoaster. I have met so many great people, and I am so proud to call them my friends.

5. How did you learn about Fantom?

The friend who gifted me a Spooky Skeleton had told me about Fantom and how the technology is something else. Eventually, I began to dabble in DeFi projects such as, and LiquidDriver.

Slowly but surely, my knowledge about the ecosystem grew, and I got in contact with the Fantom community. I have always been very curious and eager to learn, and asking questions non-stop has helped me a lot!

6. Why did you decide to launch on Fantom?


I can not stress this enough – the Fantom community is so unique. Since I started Froqorion (Fantom Frog Family), everyone has been nothing but kind and supportive to me and my art.

The “bigger” and “acknowledged” projects did everything they could to help me (thank you, LuckyLuciano, TrippySteve, and Teensonacid ♥️).

It is such a weird but satisfying feeling to create something from a vision and to have people like it. I have such great members in Discord cheering me on with everything I do. No, not what I do – what WE do!

7. How is your experience working on Fantom?

Absolutely terrific. Considering the speed and gas fees combined with 100% uptime, I feel it is a no-brainer to join the network.

8. What has the community response to Froqorion been like?

I believe that we have one of the best communities out there.

The banter we have, the discussions we have, and the intimacy we share are nowhere to be found. We have created the most loving and supportive community ‒ at least it feels that way for our team and me.

We can constantly lean on the community for advice, feedback, and, most importantly, ideas. We created a family there to support in hardship, listen in moments of sadness, and share in happiness.

The first collection minted out in 12 hours and the second one in 15 minutes. The community is dedicated.

9. What’s coming up for Froqorion? Free alpha!

We are collaborating with BannerBuddies to create some kick-ass banners.

But oh boy, we have so much coming up. We have a super-duper cool collaboration coming with Nature’s Oracle (Zoey). We also have a very interactive and engaging collaboration coming up with PocketPals!

Alongside, we are building a project for the FTM community called “Hoppin! Chains!”

Hoppin’ Chains will be a community collection that will host both Fantom and Avalanche artists. Fantom art will be deployed on Avalanche, and Avalanche art will be deployed on Fantom. We think that we Fantom artists have a lot to offer and would love our neighbors to experience the greatness as well!

A bunch of the best Fantom artists will represent the Fantom collection (Teens on Acid, FTMdead, Elle, MrMocket, SELLEK, Frogwell, Botboy, TrippySteve, and many, many, more!)

Besides Hoppin’ Chains – Deso is building a custom-made bot for a super-secret event that is coming up. Make sure to hold some GEN 1 and GEN 2 frogs!

We love building, and we are not going to stop.

10. How do you see NFTs evolving?

I firmly believe in NFTs being the foundation for the future of crypto.

The possibilities are endless and will develop into real-life use cases. Also, the gamification will be huge – we are slowly but surely developing some game-use cases for our NFTs as well!

11. Are you looking to partner with any Metaverse projects?

As a matter of fact, we do! We are currently looking into various options, but 8BIT Metaverse piques our interest.

12. Is there anything you’d like to add that we didn’t ask?

A quick shout-out to the best bunch of people I luckily got to know in these crazy times.

Huge love to my team – Deso, Osais, and Guccigoon. Love you guys.

Thank you, TrippySteve / MoonMasters – this project would not be as successful without you guys. I am forever in your debt.

Thank you, Zoey, for making this possible!

13. What are your tips for Tiny Frog care? What do they eat?

Make sure to feed your tiny friends with some flies! Tiny frogs thrive on friendship, so make sure you never let your tiny friend ribbit alone!

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