Crypto Linn – Fantom Community Spotlight

Crypto Linn – Fantom Community Spotlight

We are excited to be back with our first Community Spotlight of 2023, this time featuring Crypto Linn!

Discover the fruitful investments that began their journey into the world of crypto, their creative process behind creating NFTs, and their belief in crypto as a tool for freedom.

What’s your background?

Currently have a picture of cats battling in space as my background. See below:

How did your crypto journey begin?

In 2019 I made some unusual and slightly dumb life decisions, which led me to make (for me, at the time) a large sum of money.

A close friend told me she had invested in silver, gold, and crypto as a hedge against inflation. I started to look into it and bought BTC, ETH, and a crypto called HEX that was shilled to me.

By pure accident, I came in at just the right moment and flipped much of my profits into other coins. Some which went up further and others which went to zero.

Back in 2019, DeFi was not a thing, Uniswap was rarely used, and the scams and rugs were there but different. There were hardly any NFTs, and things felt much slower than they move now. It is impossible to keep up with one ecosystem now, let alone all of them.

What about crypto fascinates you the most?

There are very few true punks or hippies left who hate the establishment.

Crypto is one of the few last bastions of resistance against an organisation that does not have the individual’s best interest at heart. We’re increasingly living in a world where a select group of people is looking to fit the human soul into a tiny box and turn the world into controllable numb grey.

Crypto currently is one of the few tools we have that is frontrunning this future they envision for us. I’m in the luxurious position where I am not wealthy, but I make enough solely through crypto to be able to support myself.

I have a few sponsors for my newsletter but they are only an additional stream of income and something I will cut off if I see any behaviour from them that does not align with my own values. (Luckily the projects I’m collaborating with have incredible teams and a definite positive to the space as a whole)

I’m a big believer in crypto being a vehicle to set up people’s lives so they can free up time to do what they are passionate about instead of stuck in 9-5 jobs.

What’s your Linn's Leverage Substack about?

A collation of all the tweets I personally find useful.

It really started as a collection of my own research for my own investment and didn’t think it would take off the way it did.

It isn’t a reflection of what I think is good or bad, just what caught my interest and what I think could be useful for building a personal narrative for your own investment strategy.

I wouldn't recommend anyone try to build a huge feed of information like mine. It has taken over a large chunk of my life. Let me do the hard work, and you sit back and enjoy reading only the best tweets I come across.

If you really do wish to build a feed, then pick a niche. Focus on options protocols, real yield, stablecoins, and so on, and become the expert in that area.

Tell us about your LinnSanity NFTs on Fantom

LinnSanity is an attempt to keep my sanity by exercising my creativity.

I spend on average 4-6 hours a day reading through tweets and collecting the best for Linn’s Leverage and noticed that I was neglecting other parts of my life. Channeling that focus on something creative helps calm the brain and enhances the quality of the work I perform elsewhere.

I'll often see an image or hear a story or quote and then combine elements from both into one image. I use a combination of a Wacom tablet with Photoshop, Midjourney, and Blender 3D to edit the artwork together.

PaintSwap on Fantom has a very user-friendly process to create your own smart contract and mint the NFTs directly. Once you submit through their selection process for a collection to be featured, the NFTs are quickly added to their platform.

Incredibly grateful for the response the NFT collection has gotten so far since its launch.

What’s your experience with Fantom?

I got into Fantom relatively late but loved how it felt like true DeFi. A wild west testing ground for innovation.

A large part of my strategies are based around Fantom and with all the developments coming up in the coming year, I’m excited to see which new projects will be popping up and how the established projects will develop further on Fantom and across different chains.

Favourite protocols on Fantom are Reaper, BeethovenX, Tarot, LiquidDriver, and SpookySwap. I also highly recommend reading @0xBebis_’s The Endgame for $BOO Staking!

What are your thoughts on the state of crypto?

It will be a continuous Red Queen’s race. Regulation will seem to win, forcing greater innovation, causing crypto to seem to win, creating complacency, causing regulation to win.

Who would you recommend to follow on Twitter?

Anything else you’d like to share?

The elites don't want you to know this, but the ducks at the park are free and you can take them home.

Thank you to Crypto Linn for featuring in our Community Spotlight! Make sure to drop @crypto_linn a follow on Twitter.