Fantom General Update | March 22 2021

Fantom General Update | March 22 2021

Updating you on everything Fantom has been up to in the last two weeks.

Fantom presenting to the Digital Currency Global Initiative’s CBDC group

On March 11, the Fantom Foundation showcased the potential of Fantom’s blockchain for CBDC to the Digital Currency Global Initiative’s ITU members, including global Central Bankers, top universities, large corporates, research institutions, and international financial agencies.

The ITU membership comprises 193 member states, more than 700 private sector companies, and 160 academic institutions.

👉 Get more details in our announcement

Decentralizing Fantom - validator proposal is up

To support further decentralization of the Fantom network, FTM holders can now vote on a proposal to reduce validator node requirements.

🗳️ Go to your Fantom wallet and vote to get your voice heard.

Fantom Finance - an update

With native Ethereum dApps now deployed on Fantom, Fantom Finance will be an easy-to-use aggregator of the best DeFi protocols. You will be able to use familiar dApps without leaving your Fantom wallet for an intuitive user experience.

By integrating aggregators, Fantom Finance will become protocol-agnostic.

👉 Read about the future of Fantom Finance

DAO Maker launches on Fantom

Through SHOs (Strong Holder Offerings) by DAO Maker, teams will be able to raise funds on Fantom, while users get the opportunity to invest into promising projects early on. The first SHO on Fantom will be announced next month!

👉 DAO Maker x Fantom partnership

Updated Android wallet

You can now export the keystore file for your wallet and use it to import them in the current wallet.

👉 Follow these instructions

FTM added as collateral on C.R.E.A.M.

You can now lend and borrow FTM on Ethereum using C.R.E.A.M.

Disperse supports Fantom

Disperse, a popular Ethereum tool, now supports Fantom as well. Fantom users can send FTM to multiple wallets at once.

Decentralized options coming to Fantom

DeFi Derivative Protocol Hedgey will be coming to Fantom. You'll be able to trade puts and call options on Fantom.

$MOD airdrop through Fantom

By deploying the airdrop on Fantom, Modefi saved $10,000 in transaction fees. You will also be able to trade and stake MOD on Fantom and provide MOD/FTM liquidity on Fantom through Anyswap.

Band Protocol developer docs for Fantom released

If you are a dev, you will love our new documentation about using Band oracles on Fantom. There are currently 31 supported assets you can get price feeds for.

Check the docs

New developer tooling by OpenZeppelin

Developers can use OpenZeppelin Defender Admin, Relayer, and Sentinels on Fantom to automate operations and deploy faster.

Fantom will be coming to Zapper

Through Zapper, you will be able to track your portfolio across different networks including Fantom and move tokens to Fantom from a multi-chain dashboard.

Popsicle Finance airdrop

Popsicle Finance, cross-chain yield enhancement platform, will airdrop 1.5% of the supply to address who used SushiSwap on BSC or Fantom.

$wSTA live on Fantom

Statera’s STA token is now deployed on Fantom. You can use to bridge your STA tokens from Ethereum to Fantom and trade at lower fees.

Fantom network stats

71% of FTM is now staked! This is phenomenal for Fantom’s security and shows the long-term commitment of the FTM community.

Michael and Simone went on B21’s podcast, talking Fantom, DeFi and crypto mass adoption.

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