How to export the keystore file from the old Fantom Wallet mobile app

How to export the keystore file from the old Fantom Wallet mobile app

We updated the old Fantom Wallet app on Google Play! Now you can export the keystore file(s) for your wallet(s) and use it to import them in the current fWallet, both on web and mobile.

If you still use the old Fantom Wallet, make sure to update it to the latest version. Do not install the new Fantom wallet app yet. Then follow these steps to export your keystore and import it in the current app.

Step 1 – Update app

Update the Fantom Wallet (discontinued) app to the latest version (v1.05 released on March 11 2021) from Google Play. Do not install the new Fantom Wallet app yet.

Step 2 – Tap on the wallet card

Tap on the wallet card to open the wallet. You'll see a new button Export keystore file.

Step 3 – Tap on Export keystore file

Step 4 – Enter a password to encrypt the keystore

Choose a new password (minimum 6 characters) to encrypt your keystore.

Do not lose this password.

You will need it to import the keystore in the new app or whenever you need to restore the wallet in the future.

You can also input a path where to save the file. The simplest thing is to leave the default and use a File manager on Android to search for the file once exported.

Step 5 – Wait

Step 6 – Export confirmation

After a few seconds, your keystore will be exported in the specified location.

Step 7 – Test on the web app

Head over to and import the keystore you just created, using the password you chose in the previous steps.

1. Click on Restore Wallet

2. Upload your keystore and enter the password you used to encrypt it and click on Unlock wallet

3. Verify that your wallet has been correctly imported

Step 8 – Uninstall old mobile wallet

If the export and import procedures went well, you can safely uninstall the old mobile wallet and install the new one.

Step 9 – Install new mobile wallet

We also released a brand new mobile app!

Install the new Fantom Wallet mobile app. The new mobile wallet is exactly like the web wallet and it's extremely lightweight too!

Note – Claiming staking rewards

If you were staking in the old wallet, your staked rewards balance may show as 0. That's just a visual bug. Claim your rewards (you may have to do it several times since you haven't claimed rewards for a long time) and they will appear in your wallet. Enjoy!