Fantom General Update | June 14 2021

Fantom General Update | June 14 2021

The highlights of the last 14 days!

Fantom bringing blockchain solutions to Uzbekistan

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Elyar Ganiev, former Deputy Prime Minister, and the AG Mentors Group, who will facilitate bringing Fantom blockchain applications to the Uzbekistan Government IT infrastructure. Uzbekistan has started its digital transformation initiative to integrate digital technologies into government services and the economic sector. Fantom will seek to bring in its blockchain solutions and experience from other government pilots to support Uzbekistan in its digitization efforts.

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👉 Cointelegraph reporting about Fantom x Uzbekistan

Fantom Safe Multisig wallet released

Fantom Safe is a web-based, smart contract multisig wallet that helps teams and DAOs to have joint custody of their funds. Fantom safe helps to establish trust and security across decentralized organizations as no single user can compromise a shared account.

👉 Announcing Fantom Safe

Transaction Tracing API is live on Fantom

Transaction tracing is a great new feature for developers and applications on Fantom.

  • detailed debugging
  • index blockchains (e.g. The Graph)
  • harvest data (e.g. Fantom Safe)
  • filter data
  • save gas

A transaction trace offers a detailed snapshot of a single transaction (also known as an event) in an application. You are able to see in detail what a smart contract does, which other contracts it calls and how it retrieves external data.

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Fantom awards grants to builders

The network is growing and the Foundation is happy to support great teams to build an innovative ecosystem on Fantom

Congrats and a big thank you to the builders!

👉 More about the grant recipients

The Ultimate guide to FTM

Any questions about the FTM token? Want to know how to add Fantom to MetaMask or how to use a Ledger wallet to store your FTM? Look no further!

👉 Everything you need to know about FTM

Gelato brings limit orders to Fantom

Gelato and Fantom-native DEX SpookySwap have partnered to bring a CEX-like user experience to Fantom in the form of limit orders. Set a swap request at your desired price, the trade will be executed automatically when the price level is reached.

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#OneMillionWallets design competition | June 10 - 28

Fantom and Covalent are happy to present you a wallet hackathon and community competition, with $20,000 up for grabs. Bounties are provided by the Fantom Foundation, SpiritSwap and Ester Finance.

  • You are a developer? Take part in the wallet design competition with up to $15,000 in prizes.
  • You are an artist? Send in your best #OneMillionWallets NFT to take a share of the $1,000 prize pool.
  • For all less technically inclined people, we have the Templated Wallet Challenges with $2,000 in prizes.
  • Plus, win $100 for completing one of many small quests we will have along the way.

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Fantom network stats

With an increasing number of transactions, blocks will be included faster in the Fantom blockchain. This block time chart illustrates it beautifully. The average block time is 0.7s.

🏎️ Congratulations to Pierre Gasly for the 3rd place in the Azerbaijan GP! Fantom speed!