Estfor Kingdom: The Idle-Adventure Game Conquering Hearts & Enriching Heroes

Estfor Kingdom: The Idle-Adventure Game Conquering Hearts & Enriching Heroes

In an industry packed with releases, witnessing a launch that captivates its audience instantly is invigorating. It is even more remarkable when the product is a blockchain game — a niche within the already-niche world of blockchain.

Estfor Kingdom hit the ground running and made an immediate impact at launch, with players rushing in to experience the newest addition to gaming on Fantom. In the brief time since its August 25 launch, the browser-based idle game has racked up around 20,000 unique players, had over 30,000 heroes, and hit the top 15 of all blockchain games!

Can Estfor Kingdom play a part in bridging the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming? Let’s explore that and review the state of the game a week after its launch.

What is Estfor Kingdom?

Estfor Kingdom is a browser-based idle adventure blockchain game with a medieval fantasy theme that invites players to dive into an immersive world of fresh challenges and compete to climb the leaderboard.

By creating heroes, players can fight monsters, craft weapons, mine minerals, and other activities that will level up their heroes’ 15+ individual skills and earn them items. Players can buy and sell a variety of these items through the in-game shop with the BRUSH token or trade all 350 unique items on PaintSwap and other secondary marketplaces. Since Estfor Kingdom is a blockchain game, even the heroes are NFTs that can be traded.

The gameplay is reminiscent of the many browser-based idle games that captivated millions of players around the world in the early days of online gaming; this familiar element may be crucial in attracting players from the traditional world of gaming.

Furthermore, idle games are easy-to-play experiences that offer a sense of advancement and achievement through leveling up or gaining rewards. They serve as a casual way to de-stress while still giving players a sense of accomplishment, and it seems that players of Estfor Kingdom already are setting out to accomplish quite a bit.

20,000 users and 200,000 transactions

In the few days following its launch, Estfor Kingdom experienced around 20,000 players and a massive amount of transactions flowing through the game as players began creating their heroes and sending them on quests. In fact, this helped the game breach the top 15 of all blockchain games and reach the top spot for most-used dApp on Fantom!

The launch was amplified by several competitions, the first of which is offering players $5,000 for leveling up their heroes! The first fourteen players to reach the maximum level (100) in a particular skill, such as woodcutting or fishing, receive a share of the prize. Furthermore, the first player to reach a combined level of 500 across any five skills receives a larger share of the prize. Thus far, no player has managed to accomplish either; the competition remains fierce!

The second competition is offering $1,000 to the best content created for Estfor Kingdom. The best video explainer or walkthrough of the game will receive $500, the best thread on X will receive $250, and the best lore or hero backstory will receive $250. This competition will remain active until September 7 at 18:00 UTC!

Estfor Kingdom shows no signs of losing momentum, with over 30,000 heroes created already and competing to be the first to reach the maximum skill level. The competitive spirit will resonate with traditional gamers who seek to excel even without financial incentives. This blend of competition and enjoyable gameplay could be the key to attracting players from traditional gaming into blockchain gaming. 

Furthermore, this approach is distinguished by the fact that players can earn BRUSH tokens by selling the in-game items they gather from leveling up their heroes and completing quests, even amid a highly competitive environment. This innovative framework could serve as one of the pioneering examples of a sustainable “play-to-earn” game that has emerged thus far.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been this addicted to a game”

Given Estfor Kingdom’s successful launch, players have taken to social media platforms, especially X, to share their experiences.