Powering Up: Blockchain Game Tools on Fantom

Powering Up: Blockchain Game Tools on Fantom

Blockchain games are bringing true digital ownership to gamers around the world and the ability to participate in a game's economy in a meaningful way. By owning their in-game assets fully, players are able to trade, collect, and use them as they wish without any limitations imposed by the boundaries of each individual game.

However, developing blockchain games can be a challenging task as it involves a relatively new world to explore with limited resources and standardization compared to traditional game development. Fortunately, there are several Web3 projects seeking to make blockchain games easier to develop.

Let’s explore some of the blockchain game tools available on Fantom that developers can leverage to make better games.


“The ultimate game solution to easily onboard the next 100 million Web3 gamers with just a username and password.”

Balthazar is a research-led, blockchain games infrastructure project. Its main product, Babylon, is an SDK that allows game developers to integrate non-custodial wallets in their games seamlessly. After a player creates an account in the game, Babylon generates a wallet for them automatically. This wallet can be used to trade, buy, or sell in-game assets, all without leaving the game.

Babylon can be used in web-based games or desktop engines, including Unity or Unreal Engine. In addition to its non-custodial wallet feature, it offers asset interoperability between chains, a template for game developers to create an in-game marketplace, and an airdrop system to distribute tokens or NFTs upon players performing certain actions.

Learn more about Balthazar by reading its documentation.


“The free, end-to-end, self-serve solution for games and gamified apps to integrate powerful blockchain infrastructure in minutes, not months.”

MetaFab is a blockchain games infrastructure solution that allows game developers to offer their players a seamless experience that does not require any blockchain knowledge while offering the benefits of digital ownership. Any user interaction with the game that requires a blockchain transaction is handled by MetaFab.

Game developers have access to a comprehensive set of services for integrating blockchain into their games through simplified APIs and pre-written templates. MetaFab manages the deployment of smart contracts, which frees developers from writing or dealing with smart contracts themselves. However, developers can deploy their own contracts as well.

Some of the features offered by these templates include automatic creation and management of player wallets, item and currency management, marketplace and shop creation, crafting management, and lootbox creation. Furthermore, many of these features can be integrated to be interoperable with other chains.

Learn more about MetaFab by reading its documentation.


“thirdweb is a complete web3 development framework that provides everything you need to connect your apps and games to decentralized networks.”

thirdweb is a Web3 suite of services that streamline the creation of smart contracts and integration of blockchain into games.

Its Solidity SDK provides several prebuilt contracts to deploy alongside optional extensions, which include tokens and NFTs. Through the Dashboard, developers can create, manage, and interact with these contracts on a visual interface. As such, developers are not forced to code from scratch but instead have a solid foundation on which to build.

Its GamingKit is designed specifically for game developers and offers pre-built contracts that create marketplaces, multiwraps, packs, tokens, and more. Game developers can also use the Unity SDK to integrate several Web3 functions into their games built with Unity, such as wallet connection, smart contract interaction, messaging signing, and token and NFT integration.

Learn more about thirdweb by reading its documentation.


“Enterprise-grade APIs and real-time blockchain data that make Web3 development as easy as Web2.”

Moralis is a Web3 project that offers real-time streams of blockchain data through various APIs. Its Web3 Data APIs index many aspects of blockchain data and make this available for developers to integrate into their dApps, such as NFT metadata, token transfers, and DeFi liquidity reserves.

Its Moralis Metaverse SDK is designed specifically for games and plugs into Unity to allow game developers to leverage the Web3 Data APIs in their games. In addition, the SDK simplifies the minting and trading of NFTs and enables seamless wallet connection.

Learn more about Moralis by reading its documentation.


“Attract millions of NFT- & crypto-savvy gamers and get listed on Wombat for free”.

Wombat is both a platform that hosts dozens of blockchain games and an NFT layer into which any game can integrate to offer their players NFTs.

Game developers can integrate NFTs into their games easily by partnering with its Game Studios, which offers services such as minting NFTs for players with the Wombat API. Furthermore, game developers can list their games on the Wombat mobile application and receive exposure to a massive player base.

Learn more about Wombat on its website.