The Non-Fungible Artistic Universe of Fantom

The Non-Fungible Artistic Universe of Fantom

NFTs have been taking the art world by storm, providing artists with new ways to monetize and showcase their work. Previously, these artists were at the hands of predatory art dealers and galleries but now have a platform on which to express their creativity without any limits.

Due to the platform’s low cost and accessibility, Fantom has attracted a diverse group of artists and collectors, each contributing to a vibrant non-fungible artistic universe.

Let’s take a look at some of these artists’ work!


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Based in Melbourne, REPEATR is a multi-faceted designer who applies his skills across various media. His experience spans many years working as an illustrator, photo retoucher, graphic designer, and finished artist for high-profile Melbourne-based and international clients.

On Fantom, his NFT collections include Astral Walkers and Ego Death. He describes the latter as the story of “an artist suffering from an identity crisis.” More recently, he has been working on his Ephemeral collection, which are physical artworks represented as NFTs.

Besides his venture into NFTs, REPEATR currently is focusing on street art and large-scale murals. He works closely with other graffiti and street artists to create these artworks.


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SICKINDIVIDUAL is an artist with an international background. He was born in Peru, went to school in Bahrain, and graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Since then, his career has spanned New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Peru, and more.

On Fantom, his NFT collection SICK MINDS is a tribute to “people who have changed the world in a positive way,” while his SICKINDIVIDUAL collection is full of surreal and symbolic illustrations.

Besides his NFT work, SICKINDIVIDUAL paints, animates, illustrates, and creates graphic designs. Many of his paintings have been displayed in galleries around the world.

Froyd ART

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Froyd ART is a Brisbane-based digital artist and creator focusing primarily on creating art in the NFT space across multiple chains.

His artworks include his unique illustrations in an NFT collection called Unreality, and he is the artist behind the Pink Flamingo Social Club, which is a multi-chain project originating on Fantom.

Other than his NFT work, Froyd produces logos, branding material, album artwork, user interfaces, and many other graphic designs.


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From Ecuador, Uman is an artist and creator who studied design at the Parsons School of Design in New York City. She is a self-described nomad who works from around the world.

She is the creator of World of Umans, an NFT project with collections across multiple chains. On Fantom, these include Ancestral Umans, BitUman, and Ancestral Umans Leaders. The various Uman collections depict “an Empathetic Universe, kinder and more peaceful than that which we know.”

Many of Uman’s physical paintings are also represented by NFTs. She is set to continue her artistic journey by studying at the Royal College of Art in London.


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elle is an artist who is interested in user-generated content and promoting an independent Web — from self publishing and webmastering to art distribution with permissionless blockchains and open networks.

She is the creator of various pixel art NFT projects across multiple blockchains, the first being the Riot Goools collection on Fantom in 2021. When describing the beginning of her journey, elle says she “didn't have any expectations at all. I was literally starting from zero and just wanted to experiment and learn and share art and ideas with people.”

Since then, her various collections have allowed her to expand and experiment with art and technology through interconnected collections, most recently with Very Internet Person.