How to Use Fantom Sonic Testnet Explorer

How to Use Fantom Sonic Testnet Explorer
Important Notice: The Sonic builders testnet has replaced the open testnet. However, the steps provided in this tutorial should still be applicable.

On October 24, we announced Fantom Sonic and released its testnet environment to the public. The network upgrade will scale Fantom to beyond 2,000 transactions per second with a one-second finality while reducing storage requirements by up to 90%.

The Sonic open testnet allows users to interact with Sonic by submitting transactions and performing swaps to experience its incredible performance directly. The open testnet dashboard offers several ways to view the transactions and blocks on the network by using its explorer, as demonstrated in this tutorial.

Use search bar
Find transaction hash
View blocks
Frequently asked questions

Once you enter the Sonic open testnet dashboard, the search icon at the top will allow you to search for addresses, transactions, and blocks on the network. The screenshot below shows an address, including its token balances and latest transactions.

By clicking on a transaction in the list, you can view its details, including its hash, sender and recipient, timestamp, gas used, transaction fee, and more.

It is also possible to use the search bar to view a specific transaction directly by entering its transaction hash.

Find transaction hash

To view a specific transaction with the Sonic open testnet explorer, open your connected wallet and click on the desired transaction. We use MetaMask for this part of the tutorial, but the process should be similar for most compatible wallets.

Once you have opened the transaction in your wallet, click View on block explorer at the top, which will take you to the testnet explorer to view your transaction. If the button does not work, click Copy transaction ID instead and paste it into the search bar of the testnet explorer.

View blocks

The Sonic open testnet explorer provides an overview of the most recent blocks on the network or a historical list of all blocks confirmed as shown in the screenshot below.

How to Use Fantom Sonic Testnet Explorer - View Blocks

Frequently asked questions

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What is Fantom Sonic, and what does it encapsulate?
Fantom Sonic is the name that covers the new Fantom technology stack. Essentially, it is the next iteration of the Fantom network, with no hard fork required for the upgrade. Existing smart contracts, services, and tools on Fantom Opera should be fully compatible with mainnet Fantom Sonic.

The launch of Sonic comprises three main components that scale Fantom to new heights:

● A new virtual machine, the Fantom Virtual Machine (FVM), which increases our transaction throughput significantly while maintaining ultra-short finality.
● A new database storage, Carmen, which reduces storage requirements by up to 90%, providing greater cost efficiency for validators and accelerating the Foundation’s ability to deploy archive nodes from weeks to approximately 36 hours.
● An optimized Lachesis consensus mechanism, which brings a vastly improved transaction pool.

Fantom Sonic is in its testnet stage at the moment and will roll out as a mainnet to replace Fantom Opera in spring 2024. Currently, Sonic offers two different testnets: the closed testnet aims to showcase the maximum theoretical limits of Sonic, whereas the open testnet is interactive, allowing any user to experience Sonic directly.
What about the FVM?
The FVM (Fantom Virtual Machine) is just one component of Sonic and a substantial improvement over the previous Ethereum Virtual Machine implementation.

Most importantly, this new virtual machine allows Fantom validators to execute smart contracts more efficiently.
Does the FVM still run Solidity smart contracts?
Yes. The FVM is fully compatible with the EVM and its programming languages (Solidity, Vyper, etc.), so smart contracts do not need to be changed.
What is Fantom 2.0?
Fantom 2.0 is Fantom Sonic. It is the name that has been used leading up to the announcement of Sonic.
Will it replace Fantom Opera?
Yes. Fantom Opera is the name of the technology stack that Sonic will replace.
What is the difference between the closed and open testnet?
The Fantom Sonic testnet environment consists of two separate testnets to demonstrate the upgrade before its mainnet release.

The closed testnet is viewable only and aims to showcase the maximum theoretical limits of Sonic, whereas the open testnet is interactive, allowing any user to experience Sonic directly.
Will there be a hard fork?
No. This means that existing smart contracts, services, and tools on Fantom Opera should be fully compatible with mainnet Fantom Sonic.

However, there may be even more significant performance gains with further testing that may require a hard fork in the future, but the current plan is not to hard fork Fantom Opera.
Will the community be able to run nodes for the Sonic testnet?
The team is planning on releasing binaries/executables that will enable others to run nodes in the future.
When does the Sonic mainnet release?
The exact timing is to be determined, but we anticipate deploying the mainnet in spring 2024.
When is the Sonic testnet opening to the public?
On Tuesday, October 24, 2023.