Fluid staking FAQ

Fluid staking FAQ

If I’m staking, do I have to undelegate and restake to participate in fluid staking?

No, you can click on Claim&restake and then click on Lock to choose the lock-up period.

My wallet shows 0 pending rewards, have I lost all my unclaimed rewards?

No, your rewards are SAFU. In certain cases the wallet shows 0 pending rewards, but it’s just a visual bug. Please go ahead and claim your rewards, and they will be added to your account.

When will the wallet maintenance end?

It can take a few more hours to complete all the upgrades. The wallet is fully operational, but it can show some inaccurate data. The explorer has similar issues.Disregard those for now.

I’m getting an error when claiming rewards; did I lose all my rewards?

No, your rewards are SAFU. A very small number of users are experiencing errors when claiming rewards from the last epoch. An easy fix for that is to claim&restake instead of just claiming the rewards.

What’s the difference between claim and claim&restake?

Claim will transfer the pending rewards into your available balance. Claim&restake will increase your delegation by the amount of pending rewards.