Fantom General Update | September 06 2021

Fantom General Update | September 06 2021

We just had a massive announcement of our 370m FTM incentive program. This and other highlights of the last 14 days, recapped in our general update. Let’s get started!

370m FTM incentive program is live

You may have heard it in the news: The Fantom Foundation is committing 370,000,000 FTM as incentives to grow the TVL in the Fantom ecosystem.

The catch: Rather than directly incentivizing users, which often has only a short-lived effect, we are rewarding builders based on the TVL of their protocols.

We believe builders are the best one to judge how funds should be allocated. Of course they are free to use the funds as they like - hire new developers, run a marketing campaign or pass their rewards onto the users, like Curve already did.

👉 Learn about the process, requirements and more details regarding the 370m FTM incentive program here

Coinbase wallet now supports Fantom mainnet

You can easily access the Fantom network and use a number of Fantom dApps through the Coinbase wallet.

With an increased ease-of-use, more users will flock to Fantom for the fast transaction speeds and low fees. Over 1 million Coinbase wallet users will be able to send and stake Fantom or participate on Fantom DeFi.

👉 Read how to setup your Coinbase wallet for use on Fantom

Fantom Developer Conference announced | October 25-29 2021 Abu Dhabi

We are happy to announce the first Fantom Developer Conference!

The week will be full of great talks, presentations, developer workshops, case study presentations and other cool events. Speakers include Andre Cronje, Harry Yeh (Managing Director @ Quantum Fintech Group), Fantom team members and other awesome guests.

See you there!

👉 Head over to for more info. Tickets will become available on September 15

Anyswap waves bridging fees

It's now free to bridge your tokens from Ethereum to Fantom. You only have to pay for Ethereum gas.

Andre released Rarity

Inspired by loot, Andre released Rarity. Thousands of users already interacted with the contract, generating hundreds of thousand transactions on the network.

Read all about it here:

and here:

Fantom Ecosystem Dashboard - all dApps and info in one place

You can now keep track of all the projects deployed on Fantom and TVL with Fantom Projects.

Bware Labs provides API infrastructure for Fantom

Leading blockchain endpoint provider Bware Labs now supports Fantom mainnet and testnet. Developers can set up endpoints usable for RPCs or APIs in 30 seconds instead of needing to run their own nodes.

👉 Read the announcement

StrongBlock allows non-technical users to run their own Fantom nodes

StrongBlock will soon offer full nodes for Fantom on their Nodes-as-a-Service platform. This makes deploying and maintaining nodes much easier and allows everyday users to become Fantom validators, further decentralizing the network.

👉 Read the announcement

Request Invoicing adds payments via the Fantom network

Request is a simple app to generate, track and pay invoices. With the integration of Fantom, you can now pay or get paid on-chain easily, with low fees.

👉 More info

NFTs and the Fantom-enabled Creator Economy

We are getting closer to the launch of Artion, our zero-fee NFT marketplace. But what are NFTs good for? Read this article to find out.

Network Stats

We have seen tremendous growth for the Fantom ecosystem in August.

  • $1.2B TVL (+380% to July)
  • 485,000 unique addresses (+68%)
  • 12,000,000 transactions in August (+40%), 52,000,000 in total
  • SEC is investigating decentralized crypto exchange developer Uniswap Labs
  • Creator economy metrics
  • Good resource for all kinds of crypto topics, from research to job opportunities.

📺 Simone was on FTMAlert’s livestream to answer community questions and give deeper insights into the 370m FTM incentive program, NFT marketplace Artion and more.

🐋 Uniwhales released an awesome dashboard to keep track of Fantom bridge statistics.