Coinbase Wallet Integrates Support for Fantom mainnet

Coinbase Wallet Integrates Support for Fantom mainnet

We’re thrilled to announce support for the Fantom network on Coinbase Wallet!

Fantom is a high-performance, EVM-compatible blockchain platform with an increasingly prominent presence in the world of decentralized finance. Network fees of less than a cent and one-second transaction finality have drawn the support of projects like Curve, C.R.E.A.M, and SushiSwap, as well as a rapidly growing community. The broader Fantom ecosystem is also thriving, and Total Value Locked (TVL) on Fantom DeFi protocols has soared to $750M, representing 2400% growth since the beginning of May.

Coinbase Wallet users can easily access and use the Fantom network, and engage with a number of Fantom dapps. Coupled with the streamlined interface of the Coinbase Wallet, fast transaction speeds and low fees on the Fantom network ensure an excellent user experience.

Fantom has extended Coinbase Wallet support within the Fantom fWallet. Users can sync their Coinbase Wallet account to their Fantom fWallet and conduct a number of activities such as stake FTM and earn rewards.

Connect Fantom to the Coinbase Wallet

Connecting to the Fantom Opera network is simple:

  • Log into the Coinbase Wallet mobile app
  • Simply click the Settings icon
  • Select Active Network, and select Fantom Opera

Getting started with Fantom and fWallet

Once you’ve connected to the Fantom network on your Wallet mobile app, get started by connecting Coinbase Wallet to the Fantom fWallet

Connect to a Fantom dApp

Explore the world of Fantom dapps!

  • Make sure on your Coinbase Wallet mobile app Settings, that you’re connected to Fantom Opera in your Active Networks
  • Head over to a Fantom dapp such as Screamer (lending and borrowing), Tomb (algorithmic stablecoin), Reaper (autocompounding vaults) SpiritSwap (DEX), and SpookySwap (DEX) – more to come
  • Click on Connect Wallet and select the Coinbase Wallet option
  • Once you get a pop-up, confirm the authorization by clicking on Connect
  • That’s it – now you’re free to play around with the dapp! Swap one token for another, or lend out some crypto to earn an interest

Developers: Integrate your dApp with Coinbase Wallet

Fantom developers can easily add support for Coinbase Wallet users by integrating the WalletLink SDK, which lets users sign into dApps with Wallet. Get started here.