Fantom General Update | February 8 2021

Fantom General Update | February 8 2021

An eventful two weeks for Fantom. The main theme is growth, whether it’s social media, website traffic or Fantom users. We are happy to see rising interest.

Here’s a recap of everything you need to know!

Ledger adds support for Fantom

fantom x ledger

You can now safely store native FTM (Opera FTM) on your Ledger Nano S and Nano X hardware wallets. Even better, you can use all the fWallet features, such as staking, minting and the DeFi suite with it.

How to get started?
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Coinbase Custody now supports Fantom

Coinbase Custody, the world’s most trusted custodian for digital assets, now allows institutional investors to hold FTM in a safe way. It’s an exciting first big step in the US market for Fantom.


Listings, listing, listings - Fantom on Sushiswap and 1inch

You can now trade and provide liquidity for FTM (ERC-20) on Ethereum with 1inch and Sushiswap.

Making FTM and other Fantom assets like synths available on Ethereum is crucial to realize Fantom’s potential.



Fantom announces pilot in Afghanistan to increase the efficiency in trade and commerce

The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI) and Fantom enter into a blockchain pilot program. Fantom technology will help to secure and audit ACCI’s databases and issue national certificates as well as facilitate cross-border paperless trade. Upon successful completion, the parties will work towards a long-term relationship.

👉 Pilot program details

Andre explains DAG and blockchain

What are the differences between DAG and blockchain? How are they related to each other? Learn more in our thread on this topic, based on Andre’s comments.


UniLend integrates FTM and Fantom synthetic assets

You will be able to use Fantom and synths such as fUSD and fEUR as collateral for lending on UniLend. Listing Fantom native assets on Ethereum-based lending platforms open up new possibilities like leveraged yield farming, deeper liquidity and increased capital efficiency.

👉 Fantom x UniLend details

Revamped cross-chain swap fee system

  • The 5,000 FTM withdrawal limit has been removed.
  • Cross-chain swaps cost a fixed fee of 100 FTM. These changes are necessary due to high transaction costs on the integrated chains.
  • Opera to Opera transfers don’t incur any additional fees.

Use Cases of Fantom

Fantom is ready to power real-world applications thanks to its scalable aBFT consensus. Take a deep dive and see what’s possible.  Spoiler: One platform. Endless possibilities 😉

DeFi, real estate tokenization, CBDC, supply chains, smart healthcare, it all can be made more efficient, transparent and cheaper with Fantom.

👉 See what's possible

Investors are bullish on Fantom

Harry Yeh, Managing Partner at Binary Fintech Group, gave a talk about portfolio diversification in crypto. He shared his view on Fantom and why he invested. We are happy to have Harry by our side and are excited for the way ahead.

Harry’s talk was part of The North American Bitcoin Conference, sponsored by Fantom, that took place on January 28 and 29.


Famous street artist Alec is also a Fantom supporter.

Fantom network stats

A lot of announcements and a whole lot of engagement on Twitter. We see this reflected on-chain, with a strong increase in address growth on Fantom. The daily increase was at 105 addresses per day, with a peak of 259 new addresses on January 29.

Total value locked (TVL) is also growing. With 439,000,000 sFTM and 105,000,000 wFTM, TVL currently stands at 74,000,000$.

The community engagement is still high and we’re seeing record-breaking numbers on Twitter, our website and the Fantom network.

Onwards and upwards 🔥